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China urges Japan to reflect on war responsibility

[2014-02-27 20:27]

Japan should face up to and reflect on its aggression history and not make critical comments about China's memorial activities, a Defense Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

China slams Philippine move over Huangyan Islands

[2014-02-27 20:20]

China on Thursday slammed a Philippine move over the Huangyan Islands in the South China Sea, saying it was groundless and made no sense.

China assists shipment of Syrian chemical weapons: FM

[2014-02-27 20:18]

China worked with Russia, Denmark, Norway on the fourth shipment of Syria's chemical weapons, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said here Thursday.

China, India agree joint military training

[2014-02-27 20:17]

China and India have agreed to hold a joint army training exercise named "Hand-in-Hand 2014," and to organize joint navy training in due time.

Xi calls for integrated north China development

[2014-02-27 20:12]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for integrated and coordinated development of the region around Beijing.

Chinese president appoints seven new ambassadors

[2014-02-27 20:10]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed seven new ambassadors, according to a statement issued by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC) on Thursday.

ASEAN members call for early warning disaster system

[2014-02-27 20:09]

Under the grim situation of frequent natural disasters in the Asian-Pacific area, member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Regional Forum must further cooperate, said participants to the 13th ASEAN Regional Forum Inter-Sessional Meeting on Disaster Relief in Chengdu, Sichuan province.

China urges Japan to handle forced labor cases

[2014-02-27 19:23]

Japan should seriously address issues regarding forced labor during its aggression war, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying urged on Thursday.

Lawmakers stress supervision of workplace safety

[2014-02-27 19:20]

China's senior lawmakers stressed the need to tighten workplace safety supervision and punishments for offenders when discussing a draft law amendment on Thursday.

Deals bolster cross-Straits ties

[2014-02-27 19:00]

Negotiators from the Chinese mainland and Taiwan on Thursday signed two agreements on meteorological and seismic cooperation.

Dates set to mark war victory, Nanjing Massacre

[2014-02-27 16:37]

Beijing sets Sept 3 as Victory Day in war against Japanese aggresssion and Dec 13 as National Memorial Day for victims of Nanjing Massacre.

First cartoon image of premier spotted

[2014-02-27 14:47]

The global trend of using cartoon images of officials has now come to China. On Wednesday, a Chinese official media outlet published a cartoon image of Premier Li Keqiang for the first time.

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