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Polluters might face bigger fines

[2013-03-02 00:25]

Experts suggest that enterprises that cause accidents related to air pollution pay for all the subsequent economic losses, regardless of the amount.

Nobel laureate writes his own political story

[2013-03-01 22:02]

As both a storyteller and a political advisor, Mo Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, understands the difference between literature and politics.

CPC Central Committee maintains frugality campaign

[2013-03-01 21:54]

With the annual "two sessions" approaching, China's new leadership has vowed to fight corruption and stick to an ongoing frugality campaign.

Xi advocates study, practice among CPC members

[2013-03-01 20:09]

CPC leader Xi Jinping on Friday called on Party members to enhance their ability to handle new problems and challenges through study and practice.

China’s ‘dream’ needs to be clear for stability

[2013-03-01 17:13]

China’s new leadership should focus on foreign policies that reassure its neighbors and the international community of its intentions, according to European experts.

Former mayor gets life imprisonment for bribery

[2013-03-01 14:03]

A former deputy mayor in South China's Guangdong province has been sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes, a local court said late Thursday.

CPC Central Committee adopts state leadership candidates

[2013-03-01 08:20]

The 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) adopted a list of candidates for state leadership positions and a government restructuring plan on Thursday.NPC to review streamline plan

Urbanization, growth puts pressure on local governments

[2013-03-01 08:09]

While most major economies struggle amid the spreading debt crisis, China seems to have been successfully preserving its own purity and integrity, but questions remain as to how long this can last.

US must assure China of its strategic intentions 

[2013-03-01 00:50]

As long as the United States maintains its focus on Asia from military and economic standpoints, it will continue to face an uphill battle to convince many in China of its strategic intentions.

NPC to review streamline plan

[2013-03-01 00:50]

A government reorganization plan, targeting bureaucracy in the economy, will be presented to lawmakers for review at the upcoming legislative session, the top leadership announced on Thursday.

China backs 'appropriate' UN response to DPRK test

[2013-03-01 00:31]

China supports the United Nations making an appropriate response to Pyongyang's latest nuclear test, but any moves should be appropriate and maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Thursday.

Beijing accuses Tokyo of lying about targeting

[2013-03-01 00:30]

Japan is defaming the Chinese military by spreading groundless allegations about the so-called radar targeting by China of a Japanese gunboat, China's military spokesman said on Thursday.

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