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Chinese military tests anti-missile tech

[2014-07-24 09:15]

Chinese military has conducted a ground-based anti-missile technology experiment.

Report: Japan's military buildup cause for worry

[2014-07-24 07:12]

Think tank's assessment points to 'unprecedented breakthroughs'

US interference seen in region

[2014-07-24 07:12]

Washington's pivot to Asia, including the deepening of military alliances by engaging in sensitive issues in the region, undermines Asia-Pacific peace and stability, a report from a Chinese think tank said on Wednesday. Observers said the strategy, which essentially aims to maintain US dominance in regional and global affairs, will not result in China changing its strategy, but will threaten its interests in the long run.

Retired government officials may expect tighter rules on new jobs

[2014-07-24 07:12]

The rules that regulate retired government officials are likely to be tightened amid the country's enhanced anti-graft campaign, analysts said.

Former official tried for corruption in E China

[2014-07-23 16:42]

A former land management official in east China's Anhui Province stood trial on Wednesday on corruption charges.

229 provincial-level officials quit companies

[2014-07-23 12:01]

A total of 229 senior officials have been told to quit posts at companies as part of an anti-graft to ban government employees from businesses.

PLA working to develop unmanned armored vehicles

[2014-07-23 08:48]

In June, China North Industries Group Corp, one of the nation's major defense technology and equipment contractors, founded China's first research center dedicated to the development of unmanned ground vehicles in Beijing.

China opens military academy to media for the 1st time

[2014-07-23 10:04]

The Chinese army has opened its military academy for the first time to journalists in advance of Aug 1 Army Day, China News Service reported.

Supervision of officials' family affairs urged

[2014-07-23 07:35]

A senior official from the Guangzhou Party Discipline Inspection Commission urged officials in this southern metropolis to be strict about the dealings of their spouses and children.

Themes in fight against graft

[2014-07-23 07:35]

Editor's note: China's top anti-graft watchdog is in the midst of a fight against corruption that began in November 2012 when the Communist Party of China elected its new leadership. China Daily has selected eight key words and phrases to summarize the anti-graft work of the first half of this year.

China, Venezuela secure $5 billion in financial deals

[2014-07-23 07:34]

Agreements include credit line, loan to assist gold and copper exploration

Xi visits Chavez mausoleum

[2014-07-23 07:34]

President Xi Jinping visited Hugo Chavez's mausoleum on Monday and described the late Venezuelan president as a "great friend of the Chinese people".

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