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China to stick to prudent monetary policy: PBOC

[2015-07-14 20:20]

China's central bank said it "will continue to implement the prudent monetary policy and improve the financial system to serve the real economy".

China stresses KMT's role in anti-Japanese war

[2015-07-14 16:20]

The Communist Party of China (CPC) played an essential role in the Anti-Japanese War, while the Kuomintang (KMT) Party "played an important role", said a Chinese scholar on Tuesday.

Judicial officials to return to court

[2015-07-14 08:04]

Judicial officials, including court presidents, are being encouraged to return to grassroots courts to hear cases - a move that seeks to make trials efficient and legal teams more professional, officials responsible for judicial reform said on Monday.

Protest after US official contacts Dalai Lama

[2015-07-13 19:11]

Beijing voices its "strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition" after Washington arranged for a senior official to contact the secessionist Dalai Lama.

Capital region lays out plan for improved rails, roads

[2015-07-13 07:10]

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has set ambitious goals for improving its integrated transportation network, with plans to extend high-speed railways and build more highways to aid regional growth.

Beijing to use Zhangjiakou's wind power for heating

[2015-07-13 07:09]

Beijing and Zhangjiakou are planning a joint project to use wind power for heating as a step toward controlling air pollution.

Beijing focuses on its role as capital

[2015-07-13 07:05]

Beijing plans to transfer industries and activities that are not related to its role as the nation's capital to its suburbs and neighboring Hebei province and Tianjin.

Top court official under inquiry for graft

[2015-07-13 06:28]

Xi Xiaoming, vice-president of the court, is being investigated for alleged severe breaches of law and Party discipline.

Vice president of China's top court probed for graft

[2015-07-12 17:25]

Xi Xiaoming, vice president of Supreme People's Court, has been probed for "serious violations of discipline and laws," said China's top anti-corruption body.

Senior leader urges promoting education campaign for CPC officials

[2015-07-12 08:43]

Senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Liu Yunshan has called for promoting education campaign of improving officials' conduct amid efforts to boost reform and development.

Premier urges more jobs, better life for disabled

[2015-07-12 08:42]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has urged enhancing vocational skills of the disabled and boost their employment and business creation.

Deported illegal Chinese immigrants planned joining jihad: police

[2015-07-11 21:19]

A total of 109 illegal immigrants, who were repatriated from Thailand to China on Thursday, had been on their way to Turkey, Syria or Iraq to join jihad, the Ministry of Public Security confirmed Saturday.

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