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FTA negotiations inject vigor into Sino-Swiss co-op

[2013-05-25 05:05]

The successful negotiations over a free trade agreement (FTA) between China and Switzerland will inject new and strong vigor into the two countries' further cooperation, visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday.

China, Swiss sign MOU on concluding FTA talks

[2013-05-25 03:54]

China and Switzerland on Friday signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on concluding negotiations on a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA).

Satellite data network reaches S. China Sea

[2013-05-25 02:08]

A satellite data receiving station was launched on Friday enabling China to now obtain observation information about the South China Sea.

Xi gets letter from DPRK's top leader

[2013-05-25 01:45]

A special envoy from Kim Jong-un, the top leader of DPRK, delivered a handwritten letter from Kim to President Xi Jinping on Friday.
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German looks forward to seeing old friend again

[2013-05-25 01:29]

Premier Li Keqiang will be thrilled if he can renew a friendship with a German whom he lost contact with more than 20 years ago.

Premier enjoys his day on Swiss farm

[2013-05-25 01:02]

With the sound of a traditional alphorn as background music, a Swiss family farm, Guldenberg, welcomed Premier Li Keqiang and the Chinese delegation on Friday morning.

Xi pledges to safeguard the environment

[2013-05-25 00:45]

China will never pursue temporary economic growth at the expense of environmental degradation, President Xi Jinping vowed on Friday.

'Landmark' Sino-Swiss pact signed

[2013-05-25 00:40]

The signing of the memorandum means Switzerland will soon become the first country in continental Europe to reach such an agreement with China.
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FTA negotiations inject vigor into Sino-Swiss co-op
Full text of Li's article on German newspaper

Full text of Li's article on German newspaper

[2013-05-24 21:29]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday published a signed article on German weekly newspaper Die Zeit titled "Open Up New Horizon for China-Germany Relations."

President Xi pledges not to sacrifice environment

[2013-05-24 20:40]

President Xi Jinping on Friday pledged that China will not sacrifice the environment for temporary economic growth.

Urbanization plan not rejected: NDRC

[2013-05-24 20:38]

The State Council of China hasn’t rejected an urbanization proposal drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission.

Li slams EU's trade policies against China

[2013-05-24 19:34]

Visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang criticized the European Union's trade measures against China-made mobile telecommunications equipment and solar panels.
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