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Armed surveillance ship claim groundless, says China

[2013-02-28 04:31]

The State Oceanic Administration (SOA) on Wednesday said a Japanese media report regarding a Chinese marine surveillance ship that aimed at a Japanese fishing boat with machine-gun near the Diaoyu Islands is a "groundless rumor."

Mekong River murderers to be executed

[2013-02-28 02:24]

Myanmar drug lord Naw Kham and three of his accomplices, all convicted of murdering 13 Chinese sailors on the Mekong River in 2011, will be executed on March 1, a SW China court said Wednesday.

Chinese police bust criminal gangs in Argentina

[2013-02-28 02:24]

The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has busted gangs that were engaged in blackmailing Chinese supermarket owners in Argentina, as well as recovered the victims' money, according to a statement released by the Ministry on Wednesday.

Mainland, Taiwan look to possibilities in aerospace

[2013-02-28 00:52]

The mainland is eager to cooperate with Taipei on space research and development, Fan Liqing, spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office, said at a news conference.

Grassroots get a bigger say in top legislature

[2013-02-28 00:41]

The National People's Congress is connecting with the grassroots as more migrant workers, women and rural deputies join the top legislative body, experts said.

Military announces exercises to enhance transparency

[2013-02-28 00:36]

For the first time, China has announced the number of military exercises it will hold this year, in order to improve transparency and highlight its determination to safeguard the country's core interests, observers said.

China's aircraft carrier docks at Qingdao

[2013-02-28 00:35]

China's aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, dropped anchor for the first time at a naval port on Wednesday morning.

Chinese team arrives in Egypt over balloon crash

[2013-02-27 22:30]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry work panel arrived in Egypt on Wednesday to deal with the aftermath of a deadly hot air balloon crash, in the wake of nine Hong Kong tourists dying in the tragedy in the country.

Lien Chan hails mainland aerospace achievements

[2013-02-27 20:25]

Visiting Honorary Chairman of the Kuomintang Lien Chan spoke highly of the mainland's manned space program while taking a tour to a Beijing-based space center Wednesday.

New national legislature sees more diversity

[2013-02-27 18:29]

More migrant workers and women, as well as younger people, have been elected to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), China's national legislature, while fewer government and Party officials have won places.

China's first aircraft carrier anchors in Qingdao

[2013-02-27 17:22]

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, anchored for the first time at a military port in Qingdao on Wednesday morning.

China says Iran nuclear talks 'candid, constructive'

[2013-02-27 17:00]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Wednesday the Iran nuclear talks in Kazakhstan were being conducted in a "candid and constructive" manner.

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