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Maximizing time in Serbia

[2014-12-17 15:07]

Premier Li and Chinese ministers took every opportunity to discuss various issues in between meetings with leaders of the 16 CEE leakers.

Head of political affairs department detained

[2014-12-17 15:54]

Ma Xiangdong, head of the political affairs department in the Political Studies Institute in Nanjing, was detained early this month, shortly after Dai Weimin, deputy principle of the institute was being investigated.

China pledges $3b investment fund for Central, East Europe

[2014-12-17 09:10]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says China will create an investment fund of $3 billion to facilitate financing in Central and Eastern European countries.

China to continue internal inspections on state-owned enterprises

[2014-12-16 18:48]

China's graft authorities Tuesday pledged to step up regular internal inspections on state-owned enterprises (SOEs) given that serious corruption issues remain in SOEs.

Female billionaire sentenced to 12 years' prison

[2014-12-16 13:53]

Ding Yuxin, a female billionaire who gave bribes to a former railways minister, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined $404 million.

China demotes 1,000 officials with family abroad in graft fight

[2014-12-16 09:32]

Government says these officials use their families as a conduit to transfer their ill-gotten assets abroad, and in preparation for their own flight.

PLA to get tough on low-flying private aircraft

[2014-12-16 07:42]

The People's Liberation Army has pledged to tighten controls on civilian drones and private aircraft, saying unapproved flights pose a severe threat to airlines and national security.

Anti-corruption battle takes to prime-time TV

[2014-12-16 07:37]

An anti-graft TV documentary was aired on Monday night by China Central Television with the aim of educating Party members to lead a frugal lifestyle and warn other corrupt officials.

Civil servants with families overseas are reassigned

[2014-12-16 07:29]

The Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee said on Monday that it has reassigned nearly 1,000 so-called "naked officials"-civil servants whose family members have migrated overseas-as part of the widening anti-graft campaign.

President Xi sends graft warning to military

[2014-12-16 05:42]

President Xi Jinping has called on the military to learn lessons from the corruption case involving Xu Caihou, former vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission.

President Xi orders PLA to clear up bad influence from Xu Caihou

[2014-12-15 22:05]

President Xi Jinping has asked the armed forces to clear up the "bad influence" left by the graft case of Xu Caihou, a former senior commander.

China "always sincere" to improve ties with Vatican: spokesman

[2014-12-15 21:45]

China is always sincere about improving relations with Vatican, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said Monday.

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