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China offers Ebola prevention materials to Benin

[2014-09-24 18:41]

The Chinese government has offered Benin materials worth $840,000 for the prevention of Ebola virus, an official source in Cotonou has said.

China, regional neighbors call for innovative security plan

[2014-09-24 17:43]

Commemoration of International Day of Peace came to an end on Wednesday with China and Asian countries agreeing to build a new concept and mechanism for continental security.

Xi urges respect for other cultures

[2014-09-24 17:09]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called on every country to respect and learn from the culture of others.

China-Russia reception marks diplomatic ties anniversary

[2014-09-24 16:47]

China and Russia on Tuesday held a reception celebrating their 65 years of diplomatic relations.

Xi calls for mutual learning between civilizations

[2014-09-24 16:26]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday called for mutual learning between different civilizations.

CPC leader to meet visiting Taiwan delegation

[2014-09-24 14:36]

A Taiwanese delegation led by New Alliance Association chairman Hsu Li-nung and New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming started its six-day mainland visit on Wednesday and will meet with leaders of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

Mandela analogy shows ignorance of history

[2014-09-24 14:14]

The far-fetched analogy between a newly convicted Uygur teacher and Nelson Mandela displays not only a dangerous ignorance of history, but also a challenge to China's determination to keep its 56 ethnic groups united.

NW China officials probed for taking bribes

[2014-09-24 12:58]

Two officials from China's Gansu province are under investigation for allegedly taking bribes, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) said on Wednesday.

Ex-Chinese planning official on trial for graft

[2014-09-24 10:32]

Trial of a former senior Chinese economic planning official accused of taking bribes opened Wednesday in northern Hebei province.

Emissions report tells only part of story, expert says

[2014-09-24 07:44]

A report released ahead of Tuesday's UN climate summit, which shows China's per capita carbon emissions have surpassed those of the European Union, does not tell the whole story, an expert said.

PLA air force seeks collaboration

[2014-09-24 05:03]

The People's Liberation Army air force intends to strengthen communication and cooperation with foreign counterparts, a senior officer said.

Chinese vice premier calls for stronger China-EU climate cooperation

[2014-09-24 01:54]

Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli said here Tuesday that Beijing stands ready to work with the European Union (EU) to turn bilateral cooperation on climate change into a bight spot in their partnership.

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