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China, Finland eye further cooperation

[2013-06-01 02:09]

China and Finland on Friday agreed to further their cooperation on trade and arctic affairs and foster high-level parliamentary exchanges.

A shared world dream

[2013-06-01 01:30]

The US and China can demonstrate their common desire for global peace and development in the 21st century at Sunnylands.

Beijing wants dispassionate cyber talks with US

[2013-06-01 01:30]

China and the US should have dispassionate discussion and forge cooperation on the issue of cybersecurity, China's Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

China, US step up climate change cooperation

[2013-06-01 01:15]

Senior officials from China and the US, the world's two largest economies and greenhouse gases emitters, agreed to intensify cooperation on climate change.

President leaves Beijing for seven-day journey

[2013-06-01 01:13]

President Xi Jinping set out on Friday to begin a seven-day visit to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Time to get to know one another

[2013-06-01 01:13]

The leaders of the world's two largest economies — the United States and China — will gather on Friday at a private estate in Sunnylands, California.

Asian political parties conference closes

[2013-06-01 00:09]

A special gathering of The International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP) concluded in northwest China's Xi'an city on Friday with a proposal calling for green and common development of Asia.

President Xi Jinping gives joint interview

[2013-05-31 23:43]

Chinese President Xi gave a joint written interview to the media of Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica and Mexico ahead of his state visits to the three countries.

China hopes for transparent US-led TPP talks

[2013-05-31 23:24]

China has been following the talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and hopes for more transparency in the discussions.

Chinese military, Kazakhstani defence personages meet

[2013-05-31 23:24]

Fan Changlong, vice chairman of China's Central Military Commission, met with Saken Zhasuzakov, Kazakhstan's first deputy defence minister and chief of staff, on Friday.

Expert praises intra-party management rules

[2013-05-31 22:02]

A law professor has praised new efforts to regulate the formation of the Communist Party of China (CPC) rules.

Asia passes Xi'an Initiative to promote green development

[2013-05-31 21:32]

Leaders and representatives of 57 political parties from 33 countries in the Asia-Pacific region passed the Xi'an Initiative to promote the development of a green economy in Asia.

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