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China arrests 1,000 cult members

[2014-08-19 19:38]

Chinese police have arrested "nearly a thousand" suspected members of the illegal Quannengshen (almighty god) cult, Ministry of Public Security says.

Joint military drill to hone anti-terror capacity

[2014-08-19 06:50]

The arrival of a Tupelov Tu-134 aircraft with 39 officers from Kazakhstan on Sunday brought to more than 7,000 the number of troops from five Shanghai Cooperation Organization nations participating in Peace Mission-2014.

Investigation looks at Xinjiang officials

[2014-08-19 06:50]

The Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has started a campaign to investigate the involvement of leaders and their relatives in running businesses or establishing companies.

Discipline regulations empower watchdogs

[2014-08-19 08:22]

While China's widening anti-graft campaign has ended the careers of some officials, it has also empowered local discipline watchdogs.

Military to minimize flight delays during drill

[2014-08-19 07:59]

China's military has vowed to minimize delays to civilian air travel as drones and fighter jets take part in Peace Mission -2014 from Aug 24 to Aug 29.

Xi's Mongolia visit will upgrade links between countries

[2014-08-19 03:34]

A number of key agreements are expected to be signed during President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to Mongolia, which will signify the upgrading of the two neighboring countries' relationship, Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said.

Customs seize 200 smuggled turtles

[2014-08-19 00:48]

Customs officers from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have returned more than 200 endangered black pond turtles that had been smuggled into the country from Pakistan.

Xi: China to build influential new-type media groups

[2014-08-18 20:32]

President Xi Jinping said Monday that China will build several new-type media groups that are strong, influential and credible.

Media need authorization to post political news

[2014-08-18 19:16]

Foreign media without authorization may not publish or forward political news via their public accounts on instant messaging tools in China.

7,000 troops take part in SCO exercise

[2014-08-18 15:02]

More than 7,000 soldiers from the Shanghai Cooperation Organization have gathered for the "Peace Mission-2014" joint exercise in Zhurihe, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

President Xi urges prevention of humanitarian crisis in Ukraine

[2014-08-17 14:19]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Saturday that efforts should be made to prevent Ukraine from falling into humanitarian crisis.

Tanks need more power, experts say

[2014-08-18 08:00]

China's tanks have advanced weapons, armor and automation systems, but their engines need to be improved, according to military officers and experts.

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