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China's ambassador to US blasts Japan's Abe

[2014-01-05 00:28]

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai had harsh words for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, whose recent visit to the controversial Yasukuni shrine in Tokyo sparked fresh outrage among neighboring countries.

Suspect arrested in consulate arson

[2014-01-05 00:10]

The Bureau of Diplomatic Security said on Friday that a man suspected of carrying out the "despicable" arson attack on the Chinese consulate in San Francisco on New Year's Day had been arrested.

Liu stresses promotion of core socialist values

[2014-01-04 21:12]

Senior Chinese official Liu Yunshan on Saturday stressed the need to bolster core socialist values and create upward social atmosphere.

Paper spotlights President Xi's early work

[2014-01-04 16:57]

When President Xi Jinping's built his career in the 1980s, one of his main priorities was the resurgence of Hebei province's Zhengding county. His accomplishments in that area have been illuminated by a recent profile by the Hebei Daily.

Xi requests safety of staff aboard stranded icebreaker

[2014-01-04 03:44]

President Xi Jinping has requested all-out efforts to ensure the safety of the staff aboard the research vessel and icebreaker Xuelong, which is trapped in heavy ice after its rescue of passengers on a Russian vessel stranded in Antarctica.

Chinese official stresses increased capability in guiding public opinion

[2014-01-04 02:10]

Senior Chinese official Liu Yunshan on Friday stressed increased capability in guiding public opinion and the creation of a "positive and upward" atmosphere on the Internet.

Government may enlist help to monitor NPOs

[2014-01-03 22:25]

The government is considering joining with research institutes to strengthen supervision over the nonprofit organizations that have mushroomed in China as a result of relaxed registration policies

China provides humanitarian aid for S Sudan

[2014-01-03 21:04]

China's peacekeeping police will continue to provide humanitarian aid for South Sudanese civilians amid the ongoing armed conflict in the country, China's Ministry of National Defense said on Friday.

Guangdong moves to control spending

[2014-01-03 19:06]

Guangdong province announced progress in five recent campaigns to eliminate improper spending and waste while serving residents better, provincial officials said at a news conference on Friday.

Guangdong action plan set to clear the air

[2014-01-03 19:06]

The Guangdong government will soon implement its air-pollution action plan, made in line with the country's Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan issued in September by the State Council.

Civil servants should be model citizens

[2014-01-03 18:22]

Civil servants should firstly be model citizens abiding by the laws. If government officials can't serve as good role models in law and social morality, it is impossible for the common people to behave themselves, says an article of the China Business News.

China protests US' prisoner transfer

[2014-01-03 08:42]

China has opposed the US decision to send the last three Chinese Uygur terrorist suspects imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay to Slovakia.

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