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Li Keqiang urges sound implementation of two-child policy

[2016-01-07 23:28]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has called for full support in health, education, housing and other fields for the sound implementation of two-child policy.

China looks to mediate Syria's civil war

[2016-01-07 22:50]

Foreign minister Wang Yi urged opposition parties in Syria to participate in peace dialogues and negotiations without any preconditions when he met with a leader from the Syrian opposition force in Beijing on Thursday.

Xi underscores military building via reforms

[2016-01-07 20:02]

President Xi Jinping has urged the strengthening of the armed forces through reforms when inspecting troops in Southwest China.

China publishes violations of frugality code

[2016-01-07 17:31]

The top discipline watchdog of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on Thursday published 131 cases of violations of the Party's anti-corruption and frugality code of conduct.

What do Xi and Li's new year inspection visits mean?

[2016-01-07 17:19]

President Xi's visit to Chongqing and Premier Li's visit to Shanxi at this crucial point underscore the government's preoccupation in 2016.

From pension to GDP: the Government's New Year Resolutions

[2016-01-07 09:53]

China's ministries have been rolling out plans for major policy initiatives to address China's chronic societal and economic challenges.

Inspection team shifts to high gear, grills Hebei's top leaders

[2016-01-07 08:26]

For the first time, Chinese environmental protection authorities have shown their teeth as part of State power by summoning provincial leaders for a talk-down session over local pollution problems.

Public-interest lawsuit plan tested

[2016-01-07 07:20]

Public-interest litigation mainly refers to lawsuits related to ecology, protection of State-owned assets, transferring State-owned land-use rights and food and drug safety.

Li Keqiang meets British foreign secretary

[2016-01-07 00:13]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met with British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond Wednesday, saying China's current economic transition provides opportunities for cooperation with Britain.

China's Xi warns officials against abuse of power

[2016-01-06 22:21]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged officials to work in earnest, have courage to tell the truth and never abuse power in exchange for personal gains.

New airfield to boost public service in South China Sea: Chinese official

[2016-01-06 20:31]

A newly-built airfield on a reef in the South China Sea will help ensure flight and navigation safety for airplanes and ships in the area and greatly improve the ability of marine salvagers, a Chinese official said Monday.

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