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China opposes Carter's comments on construction in South China Sea

[2015-05-30 21:56]

China on Saturday opposed US Defense Secretary Ash Carter's remarks that China's island-building activities in the South China Sea are undermining security in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mainland Taiwan affairs chief meets political figures from Taiwan

[2015-05-30 19:03]

The Chinese mainland's top Taiwan affairs official met with senior leaders of Taiwan's two political parties in the mainland's southwestern city of Chongqing on Saturday.

President Xi demands efforts to ensure public safety

[2015-05-30 19:02]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged authorities to stay on high alert and make every effort to ensure public safety for the country's billion-plus people.

China viewed as defender of peace amid groundless accusations over South China Sea

[2015-05-30 17:09]

China has always been a defender of world peace, while the South China Sea issue is, to certain extent, "sensationalized on purpose" by some countries in and outside the region, experts and officials said.

China's import tax cut to reduce revenue, aid consumption

[2015-05-29 21:32]

China's latest cuts to import duties will reduce fiscal revenue while boosting domestic consumption, said vice finance minister Shi Yaobin on Friday at a press conference.

China's central bank issues report on financial stability

[2015-05-29 20:54]

The People's Bank of China (PBOC), the central bank, released a report on Friday on the country's financial stability, saying financial reforms have been promoted in an orderly manner.

Beijing to fully implement strict vehicle emissions standard

[2015-05-29 20:34]

Beijing will ban heavy-duty diesel vehicles from Monday if they cannot meet the fifth phase emissions standard, becoming the first Chinese city to fully adopt the national standard.

China castigates Abe over latest military comments

[2015-05-29 19:26]

Japanese leaders should act in a way that is more conducive to regional peace and stability, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Friday, after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe indicated possible support for foreign forces in the South China Sea.

China joins hands with Pakistan on economic corridor construction

[2015-05-29 19:25]

China has pledged to work with Pakistan to establish the China-Pakistan economic corridor, after Pakistan's political parties agreed on Thursday on a plan for the corridor's first stage.

No one tells us what to do, Beijing says

[2015-05-29 08:36]

Observers warned that Washington is playing with fire as it has adopted an increasingly high profile over the South China Sea situation in recent months.

China's most-wanted fugitive set to be extradited by US

[2015-05-29 08:09]

A Chinese official accused of embezzling more than $40 million fled China in 2003 and was detained after entering the US using a fake passport last year.

Xi to make state visit to Britain in the autumn

[2015-05-29 08:07]

President Xi Jinping is to pay a state visit to Britain in October, the first by a Chinese president in a decade, and stay at Buckingham Palace.

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