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Plan to build border city in Xinjiang Ok'd

[2014-07-11 15:12]

State Council has approved a plan to build a city on China-Kazakhstan border in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and work is already underway.

National political advisor expelled from Party, official post

[2014-07-11 10:56]

Yang Gang has been stripped of his Party membership and his official post for "serious violation of discipline and law", the Party's disciplinary watchdog said.

CPPCC discusses water diversion project

[2014-07-11 10:20]

China' political advisors discussed quality of water in the south-to-north water diversion project at a bi-weekly consultation session on Thursday.

Reform brings independence to China judiciary

[2014-07-11 10:05]

China is moving toward a mature socialist court system, one with more independence and less influence and protectionism from local officials.

Beijing seeks to cooperate with Moscow 'on larger scale'

[2014-07-11 07:02]

Vice-President Li Yuanchao assured visiting Russian Presidential Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov on Thursday that Beijing is determined to expand cooperation with Moscow.

Beijing, Washington pledge constructive partnership

[2014-07-11 07:02]

China and the United States highlighted their resolve to forge a stronger cooperative partnership on Thursday, a development observers said helps reduce the risk of instability in the Asia-Pacific region.

President Xi welcomes Obama to visit China for APEC summit

[2014-07-11 08:33]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that he welcomes and expects talks with Barack Obama when the US president visits China to attend the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting in November.

China likely to free up interest rates within 2 years

[2014-07-10 21:00]

China's central bank chief says the Chinese leadership has stressed "a sense of urgency in reform" of interest rate and the People's Bank of China is preparing accordingly.

China, US highlight 'constructive' management of differences

[2014-07-10 20:31]

The two countries have the ability and wisdom to manage their contradictions and differences, says Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang.

Full Text: China's Foreign Aid

[2014-07-10 14:02]

China issues white paper on foreign aid

[2014-07-10 10:25]

China on Thursday issued its second white paper on foreign aid, elaborating how the nation helps other developing countries reduce poverty and improve livelihood without imposing political conditions.

Anti-graft officials seek allies at meeting

[2014-07-10 07:23]

Two senior Chinese anti-graft officials attended the sixth round of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue, which analysts said is a signal that the two countries will enhance their cooperation in fighting corruption.

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