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Beijing plans to list smog as a meteorological disaster

[2016-05-27 07:36]

Beijing included smog as a meteorological disaster in its draft of a new prevention and control regulation that was under review on Thursday.

Sansha seeks to become major tourist attraction

[2016-05-27 07:36]

Journey to China's southernmost city expected to be like a trip to the Maldives

Room seen for added govt debt

[2016-05-27 07:36]

China said on Thursday that its overall government debt level remains controllable and there is still room for further increasing debt.

Xi inspects troops in NE province

[2016-05-27 03:19]

President Xi Jinping inspected troops in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province on Tuesday and Wednesday.

China not to blame for Europe steel industry's flop: Official

[2016-05-26 21:37]

The world economy, instead of China, is to blame for the European steel industry's trouble, a Foreign Ministry official said on Thursday, urging the European Union to honor unconditionally the World Trade Organization agreement.

Many govt websites fail to be useful

[2016-05-26 14:20]

Nearly one out of every five websites run by governments at or below county level is failing to provide useful information and services to the public in a timely manner, according to a recent survey by the State Council.

Full text of Vice-President Li Yuanchao's remarks at opening ceremony of W20 meeting in Xi'an

[2016-05-26 10:49]

Chinese Vice President Li Yuanchao delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of the W20 meeting on Wednesday.

Li vows fairness for big data investment

[2016-05-26 03:37]

China will create a more transparent and equal market to attract foreign investment in big data and e-commerce with streamlined administration, Premier Li Keqiang said on Wednesday.

Xi calls for action to revive the northeast

[2016-05-26 03:34]

The central leadership has issued a new plan to revitalize the economy in the northeast, which has long been hampered by a lack of reform.

Xi pledges firm focus on economic restructuring

[2016-05-26 02:34]

President Xi Jinping pledged firm action on economic restructuring as he visited Northeast China's Heilongjiang province from Monday to Wednesday.

Xi promises better life for all minorities

[2016-05-26 02:34]

President Xi Jinping has said that China's 56 ethnic groups are one family and none will be left behind on the road to prosperity.

China defends stance on South China Sea

[2016-05-25 21:33]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Wednesday defended the country's stance on the South China Sea, rejecting criticism from the United States, Japan and Western media.

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