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China and Ireland strengthen ties

[2014-12-10 19:25]

Premier Li Keqiang said China will learn from Ireland's investment in innovation and scientific technologies, after he met visiting Irish president Michael Higgins on Wednesday in Beijing.

China's human rights status improved

[2014-12-10 19:16]

China attaches great importance to promoting and protecting human rights and has given priority to the 1.3 billion Chinese people's rights to existence and development.

China's Yunnan expels drug addicts from Party

[2014-12-10 18:59]

China's Yunnan Province has dismissed 41 members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) for drug abuse.

China to continue aid to Maldives

[2014-12-10 18:58]

China will continue to provide aid to the Maldives, which is struggling with a severe shortage of water.

Chinese premier to start three-nation visit

[2014-12-10 18:56]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will pay a visit to Kazakhstan, Serbia and Thailand from Dec 14 to 20.

Former SOE boss given death sentence

[2014-12-10 14:11]

A former general manager of a state-owned enterprise in South China's Guangdong province was sentenced to death for embezzlement and accepting bribes, in the province's biggest graft case.

Three officials arrested over allegations of graft

[2014-12-10 13:01]

Three local officials have been detained for the alleged acceptance of bribes, according to a statement released Wednesday by the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

Military: flight test of hypersonic missile normal scientific experiment

[2014-12-10 11:51]

Scientific experiments carried out by China within its borders are normal ones conducted according to its schedule, and they are not directed against any specific country or target, the Ministry of National Defense said on Tuesday.

Life in prison for former energy chief

[2014-12-10 10:46]

Liu Tienan, 60, a former star of China's energy industry, was sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery on Wednesday at a court in Hebei province.

Watchdog offers online channel for anti-graft tips

[2014-12-10 08:00]

The top anti-graft watchdog has opened a special channel online to receive tipoffs about corrupt officials who flee abroad and transfer illegal assets overseas.

Ex-ambassador gets foreign policy post

[2014-12-10 07:28]

The promotion of a former ambassador and experienced foreign policy expert to a major Party position covering international affairs was confirmed on Tuesday.

Famous alumni witness signing

[2014-12-10 07:23]

A cooperation agreement between leading universities in China and Ireland was signed on Tuesday in the presence of famous alumni: the presidents of both countries.

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