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Prison time reduced after 11 show they regret crimes

[2016-02-03 03:53]

A court in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region recently reduced the sentences of 11 people, including the former heads of a terrorist cell and a separatist group.

Li drops in for a chat at historic mosque

[2016-02-03 01:27]

"I am very delighted to see that the lives of local people in Ningxia have improved a lot", Premier Li Keqiang said on the second day of his trip to Ningxia.

Ministry dismisses reports international body changed South China sea charts

[2016-02-02 16:50]

The Foreign Ministry on Tuesday dismissed reports that the International Civil Aviation Organization had changed its aeronautical charts covering parts of the South China Sea.

Premier Li brings new year gifts to elderly couple in nursing home

[2016-02-02 14:45]

Premier Li Keqiang visited a nursing home in Yuanzhou District of Guyuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, on Feb 1.

Premier Li visits families in impoverished Ningxia village

[2016-02-02 14:26]

Premier Li Keqiang on Monday paid a visit to Banzigou, an impoverished village in Guyuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, and promised more efforts to resettle the poverty-stricken villagers.

Premier inspects reservoir construction in Ningxia

[2016-02-02 14:06]

On Feb 1, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Zhongzhuang reservoir of Guyuan city in Ningxia Hui autonomous region, inspecting urban and rural drinking water safety projects.

Premier Li urges efforts to protect rural migrant workers

[2016-02-02 10:51]

Premier Li Keqiang gave instructions to a national conference on Feb 1 to commend 981 representatives of rural migrant workers and 100 institutions for their outstanding work in helping the community.

Li targets poverty in village visit

[2016-02-02 04:20]

Visiting people and households living in poverty has been an annual routine for Premier Li Keqiang before the Chinese Lunar New Year for the past two years.

PLA revamps command system

[2016-02-02 03:19]

The People's Liberation Army overhauled its regional command system on Monday in an attempt to improve the military's joint operational capability.

China to orderly urbanize migrant workers: Premier Li

[2016-02-02 00:06]

China will integrate migrant workers into cities in an orderly way over the next five years, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Monday.

Premier Li takes Spring Festival greetings, and gifts, to old folk

[2016-02-01 21:35]

Premier Li Keqiang visited a nursing home in Yuanzhou District of Guyuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, on Feb 1 and spent Minor Spring Festival with senior citizens at the nursing home, bringing them gifts and good wishes.

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