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Nation starts research on naval jet

[2015-05-13 07:43]

China's aviation industry is working on the development of aircraft with short takeoff and vertical landing capabilities needed for an important role in the Chinese navy's future operations, military experts said.

Lawsuits against authorities see dramatic increase

[2015-05-13 07:42]

Individuals and companies are filing a lot more lawsuits against government authorities in Beijing. The number more than doubled last year compared to 2013.

Campaign focuses on improving Internet security

[2015-05-13 07:42]

China is planning its "biggest ever" cybersecurity education campaign in hopes of keeping the public away from online fraud and hackers, an Internet watchdog said on Tuesday.

Targets for cutting red tape set by premier

[2015-05-13 07:30]

Premier Li Keqiang has set goals for the streamlining of administration this year and instructed the government to use big data and cloud computing to innovate in the field of supervision.

Xi's Eurasia trip boosts Belt and Road

[2015-05-12 21:21]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's Eurasia trip, which concludes on Tuesday, has injected fresh vitality into the Belt and Road initiative, in addition to strengthening partnerships.

Chinese vice premier meets Apple CEO

[2015-05-12 20:45]

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong met with visiting Apple CEO Tim Cook Tuesday in Beijing, calling on the high-tech giant to do more in promoting China-US scientific, educational cooperation.

Spotlight on officials suffering from depression

[2015-05-12 18:04]

The issue of officials suffering from depression has hit the public spotlight as three officials committed suicide in the first week of May.

Anti-graft body stresses inspections at lower levels

[2015-05-12 07:42]

The top anti-graft authority has reiterated the importance of disciplinary inspections of lower level of government organizations and urged all Party committees to stop promoting corrupt officials.

Ex-official on 'most wanted' list is arrested

[2015-05-11 07:12]

A former government official accused of embezzling nearly $15.4 million has been sent back to China after Singapore canceled his permanent residency permit.

Premier Li calls for developing vocational education

[2015-05-10 21:46]

Premier Li Keqiang developing modern vocational education is an effort to exert China's abundant talent advantage, encourage people to start businesses and make innovations.

Wang Qishan highlights Party discipline in anti-corruption effort

[2015-05-10 20:24]

As the countercorruption campaign shifts up a gear, anti-graft chief Wang Qishan vowed to "awaken the awareness of discipline and rules among Party members".

Overseas scholars laud Xi's presence at parade

[2015-05-10 16:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's presence at the Victory Day parade at Moscow's Red Square on Saturday is of great symbolic significance and bears tremendous meaning, said overseas experts and scholars.

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