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Draft law targets improved nuclear safety

[2017-04-24 16:45]

China is expected to establish a national emergency and coordination committee to deal with nuclear accidents.

China considers draft law revision to standardization law

[2017-04-24 16:26]

Chinese lawmakers Monday started to review a draft amendment to the Standardization Law, as the country strives to achieve quality-based development.

China's draft law highlights information security, national territory awareness

[2017-04-24 15:20]

Chinese lawmakers are considering draft revisions to the surveying and mapping law to protect geographic information security and raise public awareness on national territory.

Former senior civil affairs official demoted for dereliction of duty

[2017-04-24 15:20]

Chen Chuanshu, a former senior official of China's Ministry of Civil Affairs, has been demoted for "serious dereliction of duty and irresponsibility," the discipline arm of the Communist Party of China (CPC) announced Monday.

Public getting unusual glimpse into one of the military's most closely guarded branches

[2017-04-24 07:42]

The public got a rare glimpse into one of the most secret branches of China's military forces on Sunday when the People's Liberation Army Navy released a video of the training and exercises of its nuclear submarine force.

US sees another side of China

[2017-04-24 07:42]

Born in China, a Chinese-American wildlife documentary coproduction, has been offering US moviegoers a feast for the eyes and food for thought since opening in US theaters a day before Earth Day, April 22.

Books on President Xi Jinping's shelves

[2017-04-23 06:54]

Books on President Xi Jinping's shelves

Born in China movie best exemplifies Sino-US cultural exchanges: Official

[2017-04-22 14:46]

Sino-US nature documentary Born in China best exemplifies the deepening cooperation in film-making and cultural exchanges between the two countries, an official said on Saturday.

Xi calls for contributions to world peace, development

[2017-04-22 07:53]

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday called on the International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC) to continue international cultural exchanges and make new contributions to world peace and development.

Chinese vice premier urges meticulous efforts to reduce poverty

[2017-04-22 07:53]

Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang has called for meticulous efforts to reduce poverty during a research tour of Tibetan areas of Sichuan province.

Agri-trade deficit, grain output to drop

[2017-04-22 06:56]

China's grain output is expected to decline by 1 percent this year, and its agricultural trade deficit will decrease to about $35 billion, according to a new book compiled by a government think tank.

Li talks with shantytown dwellers in Shandong

[2017-04-22 06:56]

Premier Li Keqiang called for rebuilding shantytowns to help improve local residents' welfare and make a stable and healthy real estate market, during a visit to Shandong province on Friday.

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