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Xi, Chu stress shared destiny

[2015-05-05 02:57]

Both sides of the Taiwan Straits should build a community of shared destiny and settle political differences through consultation as equals, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China’s Central Committee, said on Monday.

Foreign Ministry previews Xi's Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus visits

[2015-05-04 21:22]

President Xi Jinping's upcoming visit to Russia, where he will attend a parade for the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII, will show the strength of China-Russia ties and their resolve to safeguard world peace, said Vice Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping on Monday.

China protests US blacklisting in religious freedom

[2015-05-04 19:58]

China on Monday lodged a protest against US federal advisory body labeling China as a "country of particular concern" on a religious affairs blacklist.

Leadership shuffle at China's major oil companies

[2015-05-04 18:43]

Wang Yupu, 59, deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, has replaced Fu Chengyu, becoming the new chairman of Sinopec Group.

China appoints new Party chief for northeast province

[2015-05-04 16:57]

Li Xi has been appointed secretary of the Liaoning Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), replacing Wang Min.

Authorities specify no-nos for official meetings

[2015-05-04 10:01]

Twenty-one resorts and tourist attractions throughout the country have been ruled out of bounds for official meetings, as the government clamps down on profligate spending.

Maritime efforts 'to help others'

[2015-05-04 04:30]

China's ongoing efforts to build and upgrade infrastructure on islands and reefs in the South China Sea will improve its maritime search and rescue capability and help other nations.

Chinese peasants should share fruits of development: Xi

[2015-05-01 18:34]

President Xi Jinping said China needs to make breakthrough on coordinated development between urban and rural areas, so as to enable farmers to participate in the country's development process on an equal footing and share fruits of economic growth.

China unveils measures to shore up job market

[2015-05-01 12:54]

China's State Council (cabinet) rolled out four measures in a circular on Friday, demanding governments at various levels to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation and create more jobs.

Three nations drafting an action plan to fight pollution

[2015-05-01 07:06]

China, South Korea and Japan are to form two new working groups to tackle air pollution in Asia.

China's parade to mark victory of WWII beyond reproach: defense ministry

[2015-04-30 21:12]

China said that the country's parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the victory of WWII follows the common practice and was beyond reproach.

Xi's speech rejects contradiction between CPC leadership, law

[2015-04-30 20:40]

In a newly published speech, Chinese President Xi Jinping criticized questions about whether Communist Party of China (CPC) leadership or the rule of law should be overriding.

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