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Chinese premier extends condolences over Nepal's deadly earthquake

[2015-04-26 10:12]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Saturday sent a message of condolences to Nepalese Prime Minister Sushil Koirala over a strong earthquake that struck the South Asian country earlier in the day.

China Int'l search & rescue team leaves for Nepal

[2015-04-26 07:32]

The 62-strong China International Search & Rescue Team left for Nepal at around 6 a.m. Sunday Beijing time to carry out humanitarian rescue following a massive 8.1-magnitude earthquake on Saturday.

China nets wanted economic fugitive

[2015-04-25 21:18]

Chinese police captured one of the 100 wanted economic fugitives who fled overseas, as part of the country's intensified hunt for graft suspects.

Jury system to be introduced in 10 cities

[2015-04-24 20:45]

The jury system will be introduced to 50 courts in 10 cities under a pilot program recently initiated by the Supreme People's Court.

China amends 25 laws to cut administrative procedure

[2015-04-24 20:35]

China's top legislature Friday approved amendments to a total of 25 laws to streamline administration and delegate powers to lower level governments.

China targets bureaucracy, corruption in administrative reviews

[2015-04-24 19:20]

The Chinese central government has vowed to streamline administrative review procedures and leave less room for corruption in the intermediary service providers to which companies often have to resort in order to win approvals.

Legislators pass toughest Food Safety Law amendment

[2015-04-24 18:39]

The Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress (NPC), the country's top legislature, on Friday voted to adopt an amendment to the Food Safety Law that gives the heaviest penalties yet to offenders.

China to stop building extremely high plateau airports

[2015-04-24 16:08]

In a bid to tighten the safety of its airports, China will only construct airports that are lower than 4,411 meters above sea level in the next two years.

Official denies civil servant exodus

[2015-04-24 15:56]

A Chinese official on Friday denied reports of an "exodus" of the country's civil servants from their jobs, and said some job-hopping should be considered normal.

Industrial challenges give Li food for thought

[2015-04-24 07:31]

Worrying about the challenges faced by traditional industries, in particular the textile sector, has made Li Keqiang lose his appetite, the premier revealed on Thursday.

Former vice-Party chief of Sichuan stands trial

[2015-04-24 07:31]

Li Chuncheng, former vice-Party chief of Southwest China's Sichuan province, went on trial for corruption at Xianning Intermediate People's Court in Hubei province on Thursday.

Asian-African summit concludes with adoption of three documents

[2015-04-23 19:49]

Indonesian President Joko Widodo Thursday declared close of the two-day Asian-African summit with the adoption of three important outcome documents.

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