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China, US vow to boost nuclear security cooperation

[2016-04-01 06:58]

China and US reaffirm their joint commitment to global nuclear security and pledge to continue cooperation.

Right to set up air zone 'a matter of sovereignty'

[2016-04-01 03:03]

It is within China's sovereignty to establish air defense identification zones, an official at the Ministry of National Defense reiterated on Thursday.

Chinese premier eyes long-term, healthy development of China-US ties

[2016-04-01 00:24]

Li underlined the growing importance of China-US ties, saying the two nations have far more common interests than differences.

Chinese top political advisors highlight improving consultative work

[2016-03-31 23:36]

China's top political advisors have called for improved political consultative work and democratic supervision, and better decision-making support for the Party and government.

China sets priorities for economic reform

[2016-03-31 20:59]

The State Council, China's Cabinet, on Thursday unveiled this year's top economic reform priorities.

City government considers relocating China's first public zoo

[2016-03-31 07:41]

Parts of the 110-year-old Beijing Zoo may be relocated to improve the living conditions of the animals and ease traffic jams for visitors, an official said.

'Key to Prague' symbolizes partnership

[2016-03-31 07:40]

President Xi Jinping received a token of the highest honor from Prague on Tuesday, after the capital of the Czech Republic became Beijing's 53rd sister city.

Deals lay foundation for Sino-Czech ties

[2016-03-31 07:40]

President Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of 15 documents on cooperation between Chinese and Czech companies on Wednesday, the final day of his visit to the European country.

Bribery database cleans up bidding for major projects

[2016-03-31 07:41]

A database that tracks companies and people tied to bribery has been effective in helping authorities clean up bidding for major projects, the Supreme People's Procuratorate said on Wednesday.

Govts move to cut burden of social security payments

[2016-03-31 07:41]

In response to the central government's call to reduce the burden on businesses, 12 provinces and municipalities have cut social security payment requirements for employers and employees.

Shanghai set for huge science role within three years

[2016-03-31 07:40]

China will make Shanghai a comprehensive science center within three years by implementing systematic innovation reform, it was decided on Wednesday during an executive meeting of the State Council presided over by Premier Li Keqiang.

China caps amount of local govt debt

[2016-03-30 22:53]

China has put a ceiling on the amount of local government debt, according to the central budget for 2016 released by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Wednesday.

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