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China urges Korean Peninsula parties to keep calm

[2014-05-23 19:07]

China urges relevant parties to keep calm and exercise restraint to maintain peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Friday.

China Voice: Uprooting the cancer of terrorism

[2014-05-23 19:04]

Thursday's bomb attack in Urumqi, the bloodiest in recent years, once again reveals the brutal and inhuman nature of terrorists and the urgency to eradicate this "social cancer."

Education industry links student fitness to advancement

[2014-05-23 16:22]

China's Ministry of Education issued administrative orders on Friday calling for annual assessment of students' physical status and school evaluation systems that involve physical education.

China: Syrian draft resolution would complicate situation

[2014-05-23 14:55]

China on Friday said a UN draft resolution on Syria would complicate the situation and urged the international community to insist on a political settlement.

'Naked official' in Guangzhou reportedly under investigation

[2014-05-23 08:07]

Fang Xuan, former deputy Party chief of Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, is under investigation because of his status as a luoguan, or "naked official".

Britain condemns terrorist attack in Xinjiang

[2014-05-23 07:11]

British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Thursday condemned the terrorist attack in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which left at least 31 dead and 94 injured Thursday morning.

Checks to help ensure cybersecurity

[2014-05-23 04:00]

China is to impose security checks on information technology products and services to safeguard cybersecurity.

Hanoi's charges 'irresponsible'

[2014-05-23 04:00]

Beijing denounced statement by Vietnamese Prime Minister that Vietnam was considering legal action over China islands in the South China Sea.

'They target elderly, don't they have parents?'

[2014-05-23 03:33]

Witnesses and survivors of Thursday's attack in Urumqi spoke of their fear and anger toward the terrorists.

Terror fight 'must be intensified'

[2014-05-23 03:33]

The latest attack in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region highlights the need to intensify the fight against the growing threat of terrorism at multiple levels.

Capital bumps up security patrols

[2014-05-23 03:33]

The Chinese capital is rolling out a three-tier patrol plan that covers the skies, subways and streets after a series of terrorist attacks across the country.

US condemns terrorist attack in China's Xinjiang

[2014-05-23 03:33]

The United States condemns the " horrific" terrorist attack in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the White House said Thursday.

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