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New Party chief in Tibet praised for focus on people's livelihoods

[2016-08-30 07:35]

The newly-appointed top official of Tibet has won applause for saying people's livelihoods have been his top priority during his entire political life in the autonomous region.

Top court proposes test of plea bargaining

[2016-08-30 07:35]

A proposal to test plea bargaining in criminal cases is being considered by China's top legislative body.

Suburbs to help capital ease pressure from population

[2016-08-30 07:35]

Beijing will improve infrastructure construction and public services in its suburban areas during the 13th Five-Year-Plan period (2016-20), helping the capital manage its large population.

Draft law toughens fines for maritime pollution

[2016-08-30 07:35]

China is considering imposing harsher penalties on maritime polluters and removing the upper limit of fines in a move to more effectively protect the marine environment.

Beijing aiming to take ties with Hanoi to a new level

[2016-08-30 07:33]

China wants to work with Vietnam on handling and resolving disputes properly to take bilateral ties to a new level, top military officer Fan Changlong said on Monday.

Promotion candidates to be closely monitored

[2016-08-30 08:17]

Party officials' everyday performances and reputations among the public will be considered to prevent unqualified, corrupt officials from being promoted, according to a new directive released on Monday.

New Xinjiang chief sees growth ahead

[2016-08-30 07:27]

Chen Quanguo, former Party chief of the Tibet autonomous region, has replaced Zhang Chunxian, a member of the Politburo of the Communist Party, as the top official of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, the central government announced on Monday.

New draft ecological tax aims to cut emissions

[2016-08-29 13:56]

China's first draft environmental protection tax law, which is expected to cut pollutants emissions, has been submitted to the country's top legislative body.

China revises law on marine environment protection

[2016-08-29 13:55]

China's top legislature on Monday reviewed a draft amendment to the Marine Environment Protection Law, imposing more severe penalties for pollution.

Lawmakers review draft amendments easing investment rules

[2016-08-29 12:27]

Following succesful trials in several free trade zones, China's top legislature on Monday began its first reading of a draft amendment to four laws regarding foreign and Taiwan investment.

China considers plea bargaining in criminal cases

[2016-08-29 12:05]

China is considering the piloting of plea bargains in criminal cases, as part of the efforts to find balance in criminal justice decisions.

China considers enhanced supervision of TCM

[2016-08-29 10:56]

China's top legislature is reading a draft law on traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on Monday, which calls for stronger management of the industry.

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