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Former deputy governor sentenced for graft

[2013-05-03 13:21]

Huang Sheng, a former deputy governor of East China's Shandong province, was sentenced to life in prison on Friday for taking bribes.

Chinese, Indonesian FMs hold talk on bilateral ties

[2013-05-03 02:10]

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talk with his Indonesian counterpart Marty Natalagewa on Thursday at Indonesian Foreign Ministry in Jakarta on boosting the two countries' bilateral ties.

Military pledges to help develop China's west

[2013-05-03 00:26]

A senior Chinese military official called on the military to redouble their efforts in contributing to the development of the country's disadvantaged western regions.

China a firm force in maintaining peace in S China Sea

[2013-05-03 00:19]

China is a staunch force in maintaining peace in the South China Sea, and it will continue its efforts in strengthening coordination and cooperation with the ASEAN to make contributions to the peace in the region.

China, India consulting on border issues

[2013-05-02 23:01]

China and India have engaged in close contact and consultation with aims to properly handle problems along their border.

China's IPR lawmaking, enforcement making progress

[2013-05-02 23:01]

China has made progress in intellectual property rights (IPR) legislation and law enforcement, according to the country's Ministry of Commerce on Thursday.

Chinese FM meets ASEAN secretary-general on cooperation

[2013-05-02 22:46]

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minster Wang Yi said on Thursday that China sincerely hopes the ASEAN to make continuous achievements in its development.

Israeli PM's China visit to strengthen ties

[2013-05-02 06:19]

At the invitation of his Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang, Netanyahu is scheduled to visit China on May 6-10. It will be his first visit abroad since he took office for a third term in late March.

US told to be careful in Diaoyu dispute

[2013-05-02 00:41]

Responding to US remarks about the Diaoyu Islands, China's ambassador to the US warned not to "lift the rock off Japan only to let it drop on its own feet".
Japan taking 'coercive actions' on Diaoyu dispute
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FM highlights Thailand's role in China-ASEAN ties

[2013-05-02 00:13]

Visiting Chinese Foreign Minster Wang Yi said here Wednesday that Thailand has been playing a " unique and significant" role in promoting relations between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Japan taking 'coercive actions' on Diaoyu dispute

[2013-05-01 15:17]

Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai said Tuesday that it is Japan, not China, that is taking "unilateral or coercive actions" on their islands dispute.

New leadership values China-Kyrgyzstan ties

[2013-05-01 02:53]

The new Chinese leadership highly values China's relations with Kyrgyzstan, a Chinese official said.

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