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Efficient implementation of 'mass-line' campaign urged

[2013-10-26 21:07]

Officials should devise specific measures to ensure the "mass-line" campaign does not remain a mere formality, senior leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Liu Yunshan said Saturday.

China-Japan ties should benefit East Asia peace

[2013-10-26 21:06]

China and Japan should work together to promote common security so as to inject "positive energy" to East Asia, a former UN official said at the Ninth China-Japan Forum in Beijing.

Quotes on China-Japan disputes at Beijing-Tokyo forum

[2013-10-26 21:02]

Quotes from the Beijing-Tokyo forum

Quotes on China-Japan ties at Beijing-Tokyo Forum

[2013-10-26 20:59]

Chinese and Japanese media experts exchanged their views about what role media should play in bilateral relations.

Quotes on China-Japan tensions at Beijing-Tokyo Forum

[2013-10-26 20:55]

It makes me feel sad to see the current tension between China and Japan. The Japanese government should take the blame for the worsening of bilateral relations. Japan should take the courage to face up to history.

China goes on diplomatic offense with leaders' visits

[2013-10-26 20:41]

China is ramping up efforts to improve its relations with neighboring countries, as Chinese leaders were busy last week receiving leaders of Russia, India and Mongolia.

Diplomat urges improvement of China-Japan ties

[2013-10-26 19:17]

A senior Chinese diplomat on Saturday called on China and Japan to make joint efforts to put bilateral relations back on track.

China to further friendly relations with neighbors: Xi

[2013-10-26 17:30]

President Xi Jinping has said that China would strive for a sound neighboring environment for its own development and seek common development with neighboring countries.

Chinese president meets Mongolian PM

[2013-10-26 16:57]

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Mongolian Prime Minister Norov Altankhuyag in Beijing on Friday and pledged to further advance the strategic partnership between the two countries.

Deadlock new test for China-Japan relations

[2013-10-26 15:40]

A slump in business cooperation amid freezing political relations between China and Japan after the Diaoyu Islands disputes has imposed a new challenge for the two countries.

Politician hails better China-Japan ties amid tensions

[2013-10-26 15:29]

China-Japan ties are at their worst situation in the past four decades, but the two countries cannot be against each other and must improve relations, a senior Japanese political figure said Saturday.

China-Japan ties can be stronger: Director of Genron NPO

[2013-10-26 15:06]

When Toshihiro Soejima, director of Genron NPO, began his annual fund-raising efforts for the Beijing-Tokyo forum this year, he said he had "worries that we won't be supported by companies" this year.

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