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New Party rules hailed

[2016-10-29 03:20]

Two sets of rules adopted at a key Party meeting will help tackle pressing problems in the Party and improve Party governance, say senior officials.

Xi stresses S&T innovation in medical sciences

[2016-10-28 19:10]

President Xi Jinping called on the country's top medical sciences academy to boost innovation.

12 keywords of the Communique of the Sixth Plenary Session

[2016-10-28 17:56]

The strict governance of the Communist Party of China has entered a new era with two regulations passed at a key meeting on Oct 27, paving the way for the Party's national congress next year and its future development.

China's anti-corruption campaign 'always on the road'

[2016-10-28 15:26]

If a picture is worth a thousand words, an eight-episode TV documentary has the power to really make a message hit home.

China Daily brings you 'sixth plenums' in past 35 years

[2016-10-28 11:11]

What the CPC did in the past "sixth plenary sessions"? China Daily's archives reveal the picture.

'No wrongdoing shall be ignored' by Party

[2016-10-28 08:45]

Supervisors being made to answer for the illegal acts of underlings to encourage a culture of responsibility

Canada repatriates corruption suspects

[2016-10-28 08:35]

Canada, a popular destination for Chinese people accused of corruption, repatriates dozens of Chinese nationals every year, according to the National Post.

Eight-point austerity rules

[2016-10-28 07:22]

The eight-point rules, issued by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee in December 2012, aim to reduce bureaucracy, extravagance and undesirable work practices of Party members. With clauses focusing on various forms of corruption and unauthorized use of government cars, the rules have played a significant role in the country's anticorruption campaign.

China touts peace over S. China Sea

[2016-10-28 07:04]

Some countries should "discard their unrealistic stance" over the South China Sea issue, as China and the Philippines are making joint efforts to promote the positive development of the situation, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

How illegally gained assets are sent abroad

[2016-10-27 08:13]

1 When underground bankers receive funds from clients, they divert the money to numerous bank cards under their control and then arrange for the funds to be placed in bank accounts they have opened overseas. If the value of assets is low, the funds will be handled by small underground banks run by family groups.

Capital to cut number of license plates

[2016-10-27 08:12]

Beijing is to slash the number of license plates it hands out for new cars by one-third in an effort to ease traffic congestion and pollution.

'The lust for money clouded my judgment'

[2016-10-27 08:12]

Editor's note: Corruption Fight Is Always Underway, a documentary produced by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and CCTV, continues to broadcast the stories of former senior officials accused of corruption during the country's anti-graft drive. The series, which began on Monday last week, consists of eight episodes over nine days (Saturday was excluded) at 8 pm on CCTV-1. The interviews were conducted while the former officials were detained, but before any court action.

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