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Big data plays bigger role in China's admin management

[2015-07-05 19:39]

China's first provincial market entity data analytic system was launched in central Hubei after a year in the making and another two-month test run.

Chinese, Russian premiers agree to work for fruitful regular meeting

[2015-07-05 09:43]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and his Russian counterpart, Dmitry Medvedev, had a telephone conversation on Friday afternoon about their next regular meeting.

China asset management association issues clarification notice

[2015-07-04 18:46]

A clarification notice by the Asset Management Association of China on Saturday said that a widely shared article online "Joint announcement of 23 publicly-offered funds" was a "rumor".

Ulterior motives behind Japan's China-smearing over S China Sea

[2015-07-04 16:56]

It is more than obvious that there are some ulterior and selfish motives behind the Japanese government's elaborate attempts to smear China and create tensions over the South China Sea issue, as Japan is not a relevant party at all.

China collects more evidence on Japanese aggression

[2015-07-04 16:52]

Some 1,000 historical documents on Japanese aggression have been donated to a Beijing museum after China said it welcomed such evidence.

Speech by Premier Li at OECD headquarters

[2015-07-04 13:18]

In his warm and inspiring remarks just now, Secretary-General Gurria looked back at a journey of 20 years since China and the OECD started the policy dialogue. For China, the world's biggest developing country with 1.3 billion people, development has always been of top priority throughout the 30-odd years of reform and opening-up. At the global level, problems like poverty and diseases have to be addressed while we are promoting prosperity and progress in civilization. And that, in the final analysis, has to be done through development. In a world of deeply integrated economies, solutions to these problems lie in international cooperation.

China urges Japan to stop provoking tensions in South China Sea

[2015-07-03 23:49]

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman reiterates that China's construction activities on the Nansha islands and reefs fall within the scope of China's sovereignty.

Chinese president appoints new ambassadors

[2015-07-03 20:29]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has appointed six new ambassadors, according to a statement from the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Friday.

22 officials involved in sex scandal

[2015-07-03 09:47]

Discipline Inspection Commission announced it has investigated and penalized three officials, who were involved in a sex scandal in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian province.

Parade in Beijing will 'surprise'

[2015-07-03 04:23]

Russian ambassador lauds PLA's May show in Moscow, expects to return favor in September

China issues catastrophe bond overseas for first time

[2015-07-02 21:13]

China Reinsurance (Group) Corp. (China Re) said Thursday it had successfully issued a catastrophe bond on the international market, becoming the first Chinese company to do so.

Economic fugitive returned to China from Cambodia

[2015-07-02 21:07]

An economic fugitive was returned to China from Cambodia on Thursday as the latest campaign to capture fugitives overseas continues.

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