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China to assist relatives of stabbing victims in PNG

[2013-06-27 05:28]

The Foreign Ministry and the Chinese Embassy in Papua New Guinea will offer all-out assistance to the relatives of Chinese who were recently attacked in the country

China slams Japan's new defense white paper

[2013-06-27 05:16]

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman slammed an overview of Japan's Defense Ministry's white paper for 2013, urging the country to conduct some introspection and do more to facilitate regional peace and stability.

Tougher punishments for polluters proposed

[2013-06-27 02:11]

The draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law has proposed the strictest-ever punishment for polluting companies in China.

Official elaborates on Cross-Straits ties 'roadmap'

[2013-06-26 20:28]

A Chinese mainland spokeswoman on Wednesday said the mainland and Taiwan should formulate plans and related measures for promoting the comprehensive development of their ties.

China to amend laws to cut government red tape

[2013-06-26 16:46]

China's top legislature Wednesday heard a bill about amendments to a total of 12 laws, a legislative move to cut red tape and reduce administrative intervention in the market and in social issues.

Sound reasons for a trademark

[2013-06-26 16:34]

Sound may be registered as a trademark in China, a draft amendment has proposed.

Anti-terrorist legislation may be speeded up

[2013-06-26 16:32]

China may speed up anti-terrorism legislation, a senior official said on Wednesday morning.

Draft aims to enhance environmental impact assessment

[2013-06-26 16:30]

The draft amendment to the Environmental Protection Law has proposed stronger enforcement of the current environmental impact assessment system.

Draft limits class-action pollution-related lawsuits

[2013-06-26 16:19]

The All-China Environmental Federation and its local offices may be the only entity in China that is allowed to file class-action lawsuits regarding pollution, if a draft amendment is passed.

Polluting companies face severe fines

[2013-06-26 15:56]

A draft amendment delivered to lawmakers on Wednesday morning has proposed the imposition of severe financial penalties on polluting companies.

Draft to control animal epidemics

[2013-06-26 15:54]

The Beijing public have been invited to give their ideas and suggestions on a draft to control animal epidemics.

Xi stresses adherence to socialism, serving people

[2013-06-26 14:31]

Leader of the Communist Party of China Xi Jinping has stressed that the socialist path with Chinese characteristics must be unswervingly followed.

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