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Xi stresses engineering's role in development

[2014-06-03 19:26]

President Xi Jinping has vowed China will innovate in engineering to realize peaceful and sustainable development.

SOE engineer giant punished for corruption

[2014-06-03 10:32]

Zhang Zheying, deputy chief engineer of Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited, has been expelled from the Communist Party of China (CPC) and public office for "serious disciplinary and legal violations."

Green card application threshold to be lowered

[2014-06-03 07:36]

Chinese authorities have drafted regulations on permanent residence for foreigners and will consider more flexible and pragmatic application standards.

Rapid-fire questions turn up heat on Hagel

[2014-06-03 01:17]

Chinese expert Yao Yunzhu rapidly fired off four questions in fluent English and ignored two attempts by the moderator to cut her off after US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's speech on Saturday at an Asia-Pacific security forum.

China, Arab to make plan for closer ties

[2014-06-02 20:21]

China and Arab nations will unveil a series of plans to upgrade relations at an upcoming ministerial meeting, according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Monday.

China contemplates parenting guidance plan

[2014-06-02 20:08]

China is considering legislation on family education to guide parents and prevent child abuse, the All-China Women's Federation announced on Monday.

Creating a better tomorrow for relations: Premier Li

[2014-06-02 00:12]

The following is a speech delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations held in Beijing on Saturday.

Abe, Hagel's accusations rejected

[2014-06-02 00:12]

China has never taken the first step to provoke trouble, says Wang Guanzhong, deputy chief of the general staff of PLA of China.

Halting dollar transaction with Afghan banks baseless

[2014-06-01 21:48]

Chinese embassy in Afghanistan has termed the media reports on halting dollar transaction between the banks of its country and Afghan commercial banks as baseless.

China's security concept conducive to regional peace

[2014-06-01 21:31]

At the three-day Shangri-La dialogue, Chinese delegates actively advocated and elaborated a new security concept for Asia. This concept has won widely acclamation because it is conducive to the regional peace and prosperity, experts said.

Governing Xinjiang with overall perspective

[2014-06-01 21:29]

The flagship newspaper of the Communist Party of China (CPC) will carry a commentary on Monday, calling for governing Xinjiang with a strategic and overall perspective.

PLA ready to make further contribution to peace

[2014-06-01 16:59]

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China is ready to work with other militaries to make further contribution to regional and global peace and development, Wang Guanzhong, a senior PLA officer, said on Sunday.

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