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Projects to prevent flooding, scarcity

[2016-12-29 07:46]

China plans to launch at least another 15 major water conservancy projects next year, increasing targeted investment in the field to more than 900 billion yuan ($130 billion), the Ministry of Water Resources announced on Wednesday.

Abe's Pearl Harbor visit masks 'hawkish' intent

[2016-12-29 04:25]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor, criticized by China as lacking in sincerity, was quickly followed by one of his Cabinet ministers visiting a Tokyo war shrine on Wednesday.

China tightens agrochemical residue standard

[2016-12-28 21:55]

China shored up its regulations on chemical residues in food with a new national standard, the Ministry of Agriculture said Wednesday.

Xi gets to the core of national rejuvenation

[2016-12-28 21:00]

One November afternoon three years ago, Xi Jinping met an elderly woman while visiting a poor mountain village in Central China's Hunan province.

China inaugurates its 3rd, 4th circuit courts

[2016-12-28 19:47]

China opened a third and fourth Circuit Court of the Supreme People's Court (SPC) in eastern Jiangsu province and Central Henan province on Wednesday.

Top leadership urges continued fight against corruption

[2016-12-28 18:20]

The leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has ordered continued efforts to build clean politics and tackle corruption.

President Xi stresses tech advance to accelerate energy revolution

[2016-12-28 18:18]

Chinese President Xi Jinping called for more efforts to propel technological progress in coal processing industry and other energy sectors as the country is stepping up a revolution in energy production and consumption.

Shanghai mulls regulation on social credit system

[2016-12-28 16:25]

Shanghai lawmakers are deliberating a draft regulation on the establishment of a social credit system.

Cities urged to prepare better for migrant inflow

[2016-12-28 07:29]

Governments need to increase rural migrants' access to social services and improve environmental conditions to cope with challenges amid the nation's urbanization process, a senior official with the nation's top economic planning body said on Tuesday.

Scrutiny of Party officials invited

[2016-12-28 07:29]

The top ruling body of the Communist Party of China urged all Party officials on Tuesday to invite scrutiny and supervision from the public.

Support for UN is firm, Xi tells Ban

[2016-12-28 07:29]

President Xi Jinping praised cooperation between China and the United Nations and reaffirmed China's firm support for the organization in a phone conversation on Monday with outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Abe visit to Pearl Harbor a political 'show'

[2016-12-28 05:26]

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is on a trip to Pearl Harbor but has no plan to apologize for the World War II surprise attack that killed 2,400 Americans, should sincerely reflect on his country's war crimes rather than just "put on a show", a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

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