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Leaving Chinese ambassador praises progress within Laos

[2013-05-01 00:47]

The Chinese Ambassador to Laos Bu Jianguo commemorated completing her term of service to the country by noting the exception progress made by the Lao government in a ceremony held here on Tuesday.

Xi Jinping meets model workers

[2013-04-30 20:30]

Hybrid rice researcher Yuan Longping told President Xi Jinping on Sunday that he hopes his hybrid rice will one day be grown throughout the world.

China willing to help Israel, Palestinians resume talks

[2013-04-30 13:19]

Chinese special envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike said here Monday that China is willing to exert efforts for the resumption of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

China supports security cooperation within SCO

[2013-04-30 00:02]

The new Chinese leadership will give full support to law enforcement and security cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

ASEAN, Chinese FMs to meet over S China Sea disputes

[2013-04-29 19:44]

Secretary-General of Association of South East Asian Nations Le Luong Minh said on Monday that foreign ministers of ASEAN member countries will have a meeting with their Chinese counterpart in Beijing to further discuss peaceful settlement on territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

'Taiwan independence' not to be promoted: Ma

[2013-04-29 13:57]

Taiwan will not promote "one China, one Taiwan" nor "Taiwan independence" inside or outside of the island, its leader Ma Ying-jeou stressed on Monday.
'Wang-Koo meeting' anniversary marked in Taipei

New PLA plates part of anti-corruption drive

[2013-04-29 04:45]

A new policy that requires vehicles used by the PLA and armed police is part of the government's anti-corruption drive.

'Wang-Koo meeting'anniversary marked in Taipei

[2013-04-29 01:22]

A symposium was held Sunday in Taipei to mark the 20th anniversary of the historic "Wang-Koo meeting," which laid the foundation for peaceful development of relations between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

China's economic growth offers opportunity: Li

[2013-04-29 01:03]

China's sustainable and stable economic growth offers great opportunities to the world, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Sunday.

China to enhance relations with Argentina

[2013-04-29 00:48]

China is seeking to deepen its ties with Argentina "with a more comprehensive and strategic vision", Premier Li told a visiting Argentine official.

Premier stresses vigilance against H7N9

[2013-04-28 20:30]

Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday urged authorities to be vigilant against the H7N9 avian flu virus and prepare themselves for any new developments.

Xi salutes workers ahead of Workers' Day

[2013-04-28 19:04]

President Xi Jinping paid tribute on Sunday to outstanding workers and called for hard work to realize national revival.

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