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China-Tanzania co-op promising: envoy

[2013-03-23 19:38]

Cooperation between China and Tanzania is solidly based and bound to have a bright future, the Chinese ambassador has said.

Xi, top Russian legislator vow to enhance ties

[2013-03-23 19:06]

President Xi Jinping met Chairman of Russia's State Duma Sergei Naryshkin Saturday on ways to advance inter-parliamentary relations between the two nations.
Xi delivers speech in Moscow university

Xi delivers speech in Moscow university

[2013-03-23 15:25]

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech to students at Moscow State Institute of International Relations in Moscow on March 23.

China plays responsible role in co-op with Africa

[2013-03-23 12:50]

China has played a responsible role in cooperation with Africa as China's engagement in the continent has not only helped Africa's economy leapfrog but also boosted its self-reliance.

China, Russia outline cooperation priorities

[2013-03-23 09:43]

China and Russia on Friday laid out the priorities of future bilateral cooperation and called for a new type of great-power relations in the international arena.

'National Year', 'Tourism Year' held in China, Russia

[2013-03-23 04:00]

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin attended the opening ceremony of the "Year of Chinese Tourism" in Russia Friday in Moscow.

New ship patrols South China Sea

[2013-03-23 02:31]

A fishery inspection ship set off on its maiden voyage from Guangzhou to patrol the South China Sea on Friday, according to the Regional Bureau of South China Sea Fishery Management of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Xi, Putin attend opening ceremony of 'Tourism Year of China'

[2013-03-23 02:24]

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, attended the opening ceremony of the "Tourism Year of China" in Russia on Friday evening.

Exchanges to improve ties with Taiwan

[2013-03-23 02:23]

The mainland's top official in charge of Taiwan affairs vowed on Friday to further improve cross-Straits ties through boosting non-governmental exchanges.

Moscow residents learn Chinese language, culture at new center

[2013-03-23 01:57]

Tamara Nikolayevna has mastered many artistic skills, including acting and sculpting, but never expected to start learning traditional Chinese painting at the age of 75.

Warm ties between countries mean no loss in translation

[2013-03-23 01:52]

When I was given the assignment of arranging interviews with officials and organizations related to China in Moscow, what struck me first was worry, instead of the excitement I usually feel when going abroad.

Agreements boost China-Russia partnership

[2013-03-23 01:30]

China and Russia signed a joint statement to strengthen their key partnership on Friday after President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow to start his first visit abroad since taking office last week.
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