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Chinese encouraged to sue govt over land compensation

[2014-10-27 14:25]

China's top legislature aims to expand the people's right to sue the government if authorities fail to fulfill contracts signed with citizens over land issues.

China mulls national anti-terror system

[2014-10-27 13:46]

China is now seeking to improve intelligence gathering and information coordination with the deliberation of its draft anti-terrorism law at the country's top legislature.

China to set national Constitution Day

[2014-10-27 12:47]

China plans to designate December 4 as national Constitution Day amid efforts to advance the rule of law.

China mulls counterespionage law

[2014-10-27 12:31]

China's top legislature started reading a draft Counterespionage Law on Monday aimed at more comprehensive state security.

Former vice governor of Anhui indicted for suspected bribery

[2014-10-27 12:13]

Ni Fake has been indicted for taking bribes and holding unidentified property which obviously exceed his income, according to prosecutors.

China mulls scrapping death penalty for 9 crimes

[2014-10-27 10:26]

Chinese lawmakers are considering removing the death penalty for nine crimes including smuggling weapons and nuclear materials.

Terrorists to face stricter border check

[2014-10-27 00:23]

China has intensified inspections and patrols in border regions to stop terrorism suspects who plan to join extreme Islamic forces, government sources said.

Chinese vice premier underlines steady employment

[2014-10-26 21:12]

Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai has urged efforts to promote steady growth in employment by improving supportive policies, stepping up vocational training and enhancing services.

China to ensure military spending efficiency

[2014-10-26 16:09]

China is to introduce a results-based management system to ensure efficiency in military spending.

China to hasten establishing circuit courts

[2014-10-26 09:23]

China's Supreme People's Court announced Saturday it will hasten steps to set up circuit courts, responding to the latest requirement of the ruling party to advance rule of law.

China, Russia urge scientific co-op via innovation forum

[2014-10-26 08:17]

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin Saturday voiced hope for enhancing cooperation in the fields of science and technology.

Top CPC graft-buster warns of Party cliques

[2014-10-25 20:13]

The chief discipline inspector of the Communist Party of China (CPC) said no inner-Party cliques are allowed, and all members must abide by Party rules.

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