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Premier points the way for farming

[2013-03-29 01:44]

Making his first research tour since becoming premier, Li Keqiang highlighted agricultural modernization, describing it as a main engine to drive development.

New rules to boost clean governance

[2013-03-29 01:37]

Working for the people, frugality and improved efficiency were some of the key points of the State Council's work rules for government agencies.

Xi charts fresh era for Africa relations

[2013-03-29 01:36]

As soon as President Xi Jinping selected Africa as one of his destinations on his first foreign trip as leader, a hectic schedule was drawn up by his hosts.
Xi attends meeting with African leaders
Bilateral relations a top priority
BRICS 'set to be global force' Special

China to participate in joint disaster relief exercise

[2013-03-29 01:06]

China will join 17 other countries for a ASEAN+8 exercise in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief in Brunei in June.

Beijing urges US to end tech ban

[2013-03-29 00:21]

China urged the United States to abandon its new government ban on purchasing information technology systems made by companies in China, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday.

Republic of Congo 'cherishes friendship with China'

[2013-03-29 00:19]

The Republic of Congo cherishes the 50 years of close friendship with China and hopes that President Xi Jinping's visit to Brazzaville will bring even greater cooperation.

Bilateral relations a top priority

[2013-03-28 23:55]

Top Chinese and Indian leaders on Wednesday made assurances that the development of bilateral relations is among the top priorities of each other's foreign policy.

Xi pledges never-ending support for Africa

[2013-03-28 23:43]

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in Durban on Thursday that China-Africa relationship will never cease its development and that China is ready to elevate and broaden its ties with Africa.

China, US maintain touch on int'l naval drill

[2013-03-28 22:02]

A Defense Ministry spokesman said Thursday China and the US have maintained close communication regarding a multinational naval drill to be held in the Pacific Ocean in 2014.

New cabinet's working rules published

[2013-03-28 21:46]

New detailed working rules of the State Council, China's cabinet, were published on Thursday with aims to push for the establishment of a clean, efficient service-oriented government.

Occupation of Chinese territory doomed to fail

[2013-03-28 20:53]

A spokesman for China's Ministry of National Defense said on Thursday that any plot to occupy Chinese territory by drawing support from external forces is doomed to fail.

Xi participates in meeting with African leaders

[2013-03-28 16:17]

Chinese President Xi Jinping participated in Durban Thursday a breakfast meeting with a group of African leaders, which is expected to discuss mutually beneficial cooperation and common development.

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