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Prosecutors file 7,500 corruption cases

[2015-04-27 20:10]

More than 7,500 corruption cases were filed by prosecutors across the country during the first three months of this year, most of them involving bribes of over 50,000 yuan ($8,000).

Crackdown on overseas fugitives paying off

[2015-04-27 16:06]

China has detained 61 officials in overseas countries suspected of dereliction of duty as of the end of March as the government intensifies efforts to bring them to justice.

Visitation likely to drop after destruction

[2015-04-27 07:48]

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Nepal is likely to fall sharply following the earthquake, according to travel industry sources.

Embassy arranges airlift for stranded Chinese tourists

[2015-04-27 07:48]

The Chinese government is helping citizens stranded in quake-hit Nepal and has arranged for hundreds of them to be flown home.

PLA navy micro blog goes full steam ahead

[2015-04-27 07:14]

The People's Liberation Army navy has started a micro blog, becoming the first branch of the Chinese military to do so.

Police seize first 'most wanted' fugitive

[2015-04-27 06:43]

Chinese police have captured Dai Xuemin, the first most wanted fugitive nabbed since Interpol issued arrest warrants for 100 missing officials.

China offers 20 mln yuan in humanitarian aid to quake-hit Nepal

[2015-04-26 21:33]

The Chinese government has decided to provide 20 million yuan (3.3 million US dollars) in humanitarian aid to Nepal following the massive earthquake, according to the Ministry of Commerce on Sunday.

China to aid Nepal after quake, bring stranded tourists home

[2015-04-26 20:39]

China is organizing emergency aid for Nepal while trying to bring Chinese citizens home, following an 8.1-magnitude quake there.

China's medical team to join Nepal search

[2015-04-26 13:55]

A Chinese medical team stationed in Nepal, will join earthquake rescue and relief work, said China's health department Sunday.

China rescue team Arrives in Nepal to aid in quake relief

[2015-04-26 13:01]

The 62-strong China International Search and Rescue Team arrived in Nepal on Sunday to carry out humanitarian rescue following a 7.9 magnitude quake struck the country.

China to offer emergency humanitarian aid to quake-hit Nepal

[2015-04-26 10:53]

China has initiated an emergency humanitarian aid plan to quake-hit Nepal, China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said late Saturday in a brief statement.

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