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CPC official learns popular opinion

[2013-01-27 17:44]

A senior official of the Communist Party of China (CPC) has taken advice from academics on how to follow popular opinion.

Chinese state councilor urges better China-US ties

[2013-01-27 02:05]

Chinese State Councilor Dai Bingguo said on Saturday that China and the United States should continue to firmly bear in mind the general direction of their bilateral relations and advance their bilateral ties further in the new era.

China boosts inter-parliamentary exchange: legislator

[2013-01-27 02:04]

China has been playing a leading role in widening inter-parliamentary exchanges and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region, a senior Russian parliamentarian has said.

Chongqing sets new roadmap in post-Bo era

[2013-01-26 22:08]

Chongqing's municipal government vowed Saturday it would shake off the impacts of the Bo Xilai scandal and make law-abiding governance the priority alongside further reform.
10 officials sacked for sex videos

China eyes stricter rules for prison sentences

[2013-01-26 07:51]

Criminals whose remaining terms of imprisonment are greater than three months may not serve their terms in detention houses and should be transferred to prisons according to related laws.

China marks 100th birth anniversary of late diplomat

[2013-01-26 07:37]

The 100th birth anniversary of former Vice-Premier and Foreign Minister Huang Hua was marked Friday in Beijing.

'Unnecessary fights' are bad for business

[2013-01-26 03:46]

The European Union should not translate its economic difficulties into protectionist policies by looking for "unnecessary fights" with China as it slowly repairs its own economy, a former EU trade commissioner has warned.

Call to solve 'sensitive issues'

[2013-01-26 03:46]

Top leader Xi Jinping called for the resolution of sensitive issues haunting China-Japan ties as a Japanese envoy handed him a letter from the prime minister on Friday.

Stephen Chow's role as political adviser sees rocky start

[2013-01-26 03:46]

Stephen Chow's new role as a political adviser is not proving easy, as some advisers have criticized him for not fully exercising it.

10 Chongqing officials sacked for sex videos

[2013-01-26 03:46]

Ten mid-ranking officials in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality have been removed from their posts, as authorities continued to investigate an online sex-video scandal that led to the sacking of a district official last year.

Clinton praises success of China study programs

[2013-01-26 03:03]

Clinton recalled her 2010 visit to the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. She found that the biggest attraction was US students, who had been studying Chinese, working as hosts and greeters.

Consensus on DPRK reached, says US envoy

[2013-01-26 03:03]

The United States and China exchanged views over the latest developments in the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue on Friday, as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea threatened to attack Seoul if the Republic of Korea participates in UN sanctions.

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