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Intl waters free for Chinese submarines

[2013-05-30 21:40]

Chinese submarines are free to navigate international waters, including the Northwest Pacific, which is also visited by other nations' maritime forces, the spokesman for China's Ministry of National Defense said Thursday.

110 Chinese soldiers to attend ASEAN's drill

[2013-05-30 21:15]

China will send 110 soldiers and officers to take part in a joint humanitarian drill held by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Defense Ministers' Meeting Plus in Brunei next month.

China rejects Philippine illegal seizure of reef

[2013-05-30 20:33]

China will never accept the Philippines' illegal seizure of the Ren'ai Reef, an area over which China has indisputable sovereignty, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Thursday.
China condemns Philippines on Ren'ai Reef
China reaffirms rights over reef of Nansha

Child rapists shielded by inadequate laws

[2013-05-30 19:13]

The legal definition of child rape and prostitution in the existing Criminal Law of China undermines the deterrent power of law and gives child rapists a free ride.

PLA Navy drills are routine

[2013-05-30 18:38]

Maritime operations and drills carried out by People's Liberation Army Navy (PLA Navy) vessels have been normalized step by step, said China's Ministry of Defense.
PLA Navy conducts West Pacific training

China condemns Philippine on Ren'ai Reef

[2013-05-30 18:24]

A national defense spokesman on Thursday reiterated China's sovereignty over Ren'ai Reef in the South China Sea, adding that the illegal grounding of a Philippine vessel on the reef represents encroachment on China's territorial sovereignty.

Central organs have 162 job openings

[2013-05-30 10:38]

From May 30 to June 13, a total of 162 work positions in 48 central government agencies will be open to public applications.

China slams end of EU arms embargo to Syrian rebels

[2013-05-30 03:39]

China's envoy to the Middle East Wu Sike said on Wednesday that China rejects the EU decision to end embargo on providing arms to the Syrian rebels, which allows European countries to provide weapons to the Syrian rebels.

Beijing seeks cooperation with US on cyberattacks

[2013-05-30 03:21]

China reiterated that it is against all Internet hacking attacks and hopes to conduct dialogues and cooperate with the US on this matter under the principle of mutual respect and trust.

Li promises to speed up service growth

[2013-05-30 03:20]

Premier Li criticized the slower development of service industries compared with the rest, pledging to speed up growth in the sector to create more jobs.

Xi's Latin American tour to promote cooperation

[2013-05-30 01:24]

Chinese President Xi Jinping's first visit to Latin America is of great significance to promoting China's cooperation with the region.

Laotian deputy PM meets Chinese military delegation on ties

[2013-05-30 01:15]

Laotian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Douangchay Phichit met with visiting Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Chinese PLA Qi Jianguo Wednesday, exchanging views on bilateral ties and military relations.

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