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Tokyo seeks to catch up in Africa

[2013-06-03 02:52]

Japan has been adopting dollar diplomacy since the Abe administration took office in late December. The country has been busy announcing development aid programs for Myanmar, India and Africa.

A meeting of immense scope

[2013-06-03 02:48]

The last few years have been tough on US-China relations, and distrust over long-term intentions has grown on both sides.

Ambassador envisions long, fruitful relationship

[2013-06-03 01:55]

President Xi Jinping's visit to Costa Rica is expected to bring the countries' relationship to a higher level, with more cooperation in areas including trade, infrastructure, energy and tourism.

Hanban ties up with University of West Indies

[2013-06-03 01:42]

Hanban, the Confucius Institute program headquarters, signed a cooperation agreement with a university in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday.

President attends ceremony at site of hospital

[2013-06-03 01:38]

President Xi Jinping, on his first visit to the Caribbean country of Trinidad and Tobago, participated in the ceremonial laying of the cornerstone for a new children's hospital on Saturday afternoon.

Xi urges closer ties with Antigua and Barbuda

[2013-06-03 01:30]

President Xi Jinping stressed Antigua and Barbuda's importance to China in the Caribbean region, and thanked the country for its strong support.

Student thrilled to meet president

[2013-06-03 01:27]

For 19-year-old Yu Yinye, Saturday's handshake with President Xi Jinping may remain one of the most cherished memories of her life.

Leaders highlight economic ties

[2013-06-03 01:19]

China has strengthened ties with the Latin American region as President Xi Jinping harvested political consensus and cooperation pacts during his visit.
President attends ceremony at site of hospital
Student thrilled to meet president
Ambassador envisions long, fruitful relationship

Raul Castro meets senior Chinese official

[2013-06-03 00:23]

Cuban leader Raul Castro met a senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official Saturday afternoon and pledged to enhance communication between the two countries.

CPC looks to expansion of China-Cuba cooperation

[2013-06-02 17:36]

A senior Communist Party of China (CPC) official said here Saturday China was willing to expand cooperation with Cuba in various fields to promote both countries' economic development.

China-Costa Rica ties bear rich fruit

[2013-06-02 16:29]

China-Costa Rica relations have developed rapidly and born rich fruit since the two countries established diplomatic ties six years ago, Chinese ambassador Song Yanbin said in San Jose, Costa Rica.

China, Trinidad and Tobago pledge to bolster ties

[2013-06-02 14:43]

China and Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday pledged to promote political trust and economic ties during the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to the Caribbean country.

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