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China to commemorate victory of anti-Japanese war

[2014-08-15 18:41]

The Chinese government will hold commemorative activities as the 69th anniversary of winning the war against Japanese aggression approaches, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday.

China decentralizes more govt approvals

[2014-08-15 13:18]

The State Council has revised 21 administrative regulations to cancel or decentralize administrative approvals.

China cuts, decentralizes more government approvals

[2014-08-15 13:11]

The State Council has revised 21 administrative regulations to cancel or decentralize administrative approvals.

Russian troops in China for counter-terrorism drill

[2014-08-15 11:58]

Russian troops are heading for the site of a multinational counter-terrorism drill in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Chinese military said on Friday.

Guangdong learns the art of nabbing fugitive officials

[2014-08-15 08:16]

A corrupt official profits from his power, sends family abroad, transfers assets, prepares his passport, flees the country and seeks foreign residency.

Prison posts of former officials prove popular

[2014-08-14 16:37]

A micro blog run by the prison management bureau on Sina Weibo, Twitter's Chinese counterpart, has been in the public spotlight for its posts of confessions from former government officials who are now inmates.

Chinese president to visit Mongolia

[2014-08-14 16:21]

Chinese President Xi Jinping will pay a state visit to Mongolia at the invitation of Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj from Aug. 21-22.

China restores copper rail line for Angola

[2014-08-13 16:47]

The Chinese railway company completed the rebuilding of the Benguela railway in Angola.

Leading newspaper denies China's exploitation of Iraq

[2014-08-13 16:41]

An opinion of the People's Daily Wednesday rebutted US President Barack Obama's labeling China as a "free rider" in Iraq.

Official uses Net to make graft claims

[2014-08-13 07:39]

An anti-corruption official in Hunan province has claimed that the China Food and Drug Administration and the Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission have engaged in corrupt deals with "interest group(s)".

10 judges quizzed in bribes inquiry

[2014-08-13 07:39]

Ten county-level court judges in Liaoning province are being investigated on suspicion of dereliction of duty and taking bribes, according to provincial prosecutors.

Foreign troops head for anti-terror drill in China

[2014-08-13 07:01]

Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Tajik troops set for a joint anti-terror drill have entered China and are heading for the drill site in the country's north, a statement from military sources said Wednesday.

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