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Xi expresses sympathy to African leaders over Ebola outbreak

[2014-08-11 20:46]

Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent messages to presidents of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia respectively to show sympathy to the three African countries over the deaths in an outbreak of Ebola disease.

Chinese FM calls for closer cooperation in Asia

[2014-08-11 18:58]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on Asian countries to promote strategic communication to build up mutual trust and strive for common development by enhancing regional cooperation.

Officials must disclose assets before promotion

[2014-08-11 16:26]

Officials being considered for promotion are required to publicize their private assets in an effort to boost clean governance.

Reforms needed to boost PLA's war capacity

[2014-08-11 15:29]

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) and armed police have been urged to support and implement major reforms to the defense system and the armed forces that are critical to improve the military's war capacity.

Japan's criticism of Chinese military 'ill-founded'

[2014-08-11 14:04]

The Japanese new defense white paper has attempted to play up the so-called China threat by making presumptuous comments on China's normal defense and military development.

Sino-Japanese ties at a '40-year low'

[2014-08-11 07:14]

Sino-Japanese relations are now at their most strained since the resumption of diplomatic ties in 1972, China's think tanks say.

Govt regulators, not judges, lead antitrust cases

[2014-08-11 06:54]

Government agencies, instead of judges, will continue to play the leading role in investigating anti-monopoly practices in China, legal professionals said.

US proposal on South China Sea unconstructive

[2014-08-10 19:56]

It is simply an unconstructive idea for US Secretary of State John Kerry to call for a "freeze" on actions in the South China Sea at an ASEAN foreign minister's meeting in Myanmar at the weekend.

China rebuffs US 'freeze' proposal on South China Sea

[2014-08-10 16:26]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here on Saturday that China will resolutely safeguard its sovereignty and maritime rights in the South China Sea.

FM clarifies position over South China Sea issue

[2014-08-10 07:38]

China will continue to exercise restraint, but will respond to provocations unequivocally and resolutely at the same time, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says.

China-ASEAN strategic partnership enter new stage

[2014-08-10 06:49]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Saturday that China-ASEAN strategic partnership has entered a new stage of higher-level development after experiencing a golden decade of development.

China supports 'dual-track' approach to resolve dispute

[2014-08-10 06:38]

Talks by countries directly concerned are the most effective and viable way to resolve disputes on the South China Sea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says.

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