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Xi, Obama discuss issues of common concern

[2013-09-06 15:33]

Chinese President Xi Jinping hailed progress in bilateral cooperation over recent months as "fruitful" when meeting with US President Barack Obama.
BRICS likely to make progress on bloc bankEmerging markets must be heard
Currency reserve to assist liquidity

US poses a dual threat to global stability

[2013-09-06 02:55]

A senior Chinese official has warned that US is posing a dual threat to global economy with its plans to relax monetary policy measures and threats to attack Syria.

Currency reserve to assist liquidity

[2013-09-06 02:11]

China will contribute the lion's share to a foreign currency reserve set up by major emerging economies.BRICS countries confer at G20 summit
China, Brazil vow to boost BRICS cooperation

Official asks for 10-year sentence over bribery

[2013-09-05 20:55]

A Party discipline inspection official suspected of accepting more than 10 million yuan in bribes asked judges to sentence him to 10 years in prison during a court hearing in Shaoguan.

China urges Philippines to stop making trouble

[2013-09-05 20:15]

China on Thursday urged the Philippines to stop making trouble over Huangyan Island and take actions to create conditions for talks about a code of conduct (COC) in the South China Sea.

Premier Li to attend Summer Davos

[2013-09-05 20:14]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will attend the Summer Davos Forum in the city of Dalian in northeast China, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Thursday.

China urges calm, restraint on Syria issue

[2013-09-05 19:51]

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday called on relevant sides to "remain calm" and adhere to political measures on the Syria issue.

Tokyo's lack of sincerity means no China-Japan summit at G20

[2013-09-05 17:27]

With both Chinese and Japanese leaders gathering in the Russian city of St Petersburg for a G20 summit on Thursday, curiosity arose over the possibility of a sideline contact between the two neighboring countries.

China hails Austria's stance on Tibet

[2013-09-05 16:56]

China spoke highly of Austria's stance of giving no support to any separatist activities that seek Tibet independence and undermine China's territorial integrity, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Thursday.

Livestock now safe in quake-hit villagers

[2013-09-05 10:51]

A 5.1-magnitude earthquake and a 5.9-magnitude quake hit the prefecture on August 28 and 31, killing three people and damaging many houses as well as at least 45 religious sites.

China, ASEAN to develop vocational education

[2013-09-05 10:07]

China and ASEAN countries vowed to cooperate on developing vocational education to serve and upgrade regional economic transformation, at a forum on Wednesday as part of the ongoing 10th China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO).

China, ASEAN to build bigger ports network

[2013-09-05 09:57]

Qinzhou city was designated as the port base of China to build a China-ASEAN port cities network as part of new measures to facilitate regional cooperation.

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