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China voices 'zero tolerance' against terrorism

[2014-10-09 10:29]

A Chinese envoy said here Wednesday that China maintains a "zero-tolerance" stance against terrorism and called for international counter-terrorism cooperation under the guidance of the international law and the United Nations.

China voices 'zero tolerance' against terrorism

[2014-10-09 09:42]

A Chinese envoy said on Wednesday that China maintains a "zero-tolerance" stance against terrorism.

8,200 punished for wasting public money

[2014-10-08 20:22]

Nearly 8,200 officials and Party members have been punished for using public money to buy gifts and pay for eating, drinking and entertaining since the launch of a campaign to clean up officialdom began in June last year.

Li Keqiang: China's high-speed rail salesman

[2014-10-08 17:03]

Promoting the construction of more railway projects overseas has always been high on Premier Li Keqiang's agenda.

China issues guidelines to enhance military info security

[2014-10-08 14:21]

China's central military authority has issued guidelines to enhance management of military information and severely crack down on illegal online activities involving military affairs, a military newspaper said Wednesday.

China calls for peaceful means in addressing security threats

[2014-10-08 12:12]

China called on the international community to adhere to the UN charter and solve problems through peaceful means in addressing security threats.

China, Malaysia vow to promote bilateral ties

[2014-10-08 10:24]

Malaysia has voiced its readiness to support Chinese President Xi Jinping's initiatives to build the 21 century Maritime Silk Road and establish an Asian infrastructure investment bank.

Long-missing vice-mayor arrested

[2014-10-08 07:41]

The vice-mayor of Luoyang, Henan province, has been detained by police and will be transferred to prosecutors amid allegations that he was involved in corruption and abuse of power, provincial authorities said on Tuesday.

Top court says judicial officers should not profit from lawsuits

[2014-10-08 07:41]

China's top court asked disciplinary departments at the grassroots level to play their supervisory role to stop judicial officers from accepting fees for acting as go-betweens in lawsuits.

Survey finds two-thirds of HK residents against occupation protests

[2014-10-08 07:41]

More than two-thirds of Hong Kong residents do not support the ongoing occupations of key traffic routes, according to a survey conducted during the first five days of the illegal protests.

PLA begins first three-way exercise with US, Australia

[2014-10-08 07:41]

China, Australia and the United States started their first trilateral military exercise on Monday, as Australia is building military links with Washington while seeking to maintain economic ties with Beijing, its biggest trading partner.

British-Irish visa plan will benefit Chinese, Indians

[2014-10-08 07:41]

Britain and Ireland inked a memorandum of understanding on visa cooperation on Monday to allow Chinese and Indian visitors to travel to the two island nations on a single visa.

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