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'Red notice' graft fugitive returns to China

[2017-04-17 19:54]

A fugitive wanted for graft under an Interpol "red notice" returned from Canada to China and turned himself in on Monday, according to the Communist Party of China Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

China launches reform of Chinese 'green cards'

[2017-04-17 15:30]

China will launch a reform of permanent residence certificates for foreigners, according to a reform plan issued by the Ministry of Public Security.

Xi's book sells fast in its new languages

[2017-04-17 06:17]

After its debut in Thailand, Cambodia and Pakistan, Xi Jinping: The Governance of China has become a top seller and been well-received among local officials and scholars.

Belt and Road Initiative - Infrastructure projects

[2017-04-17 06:23]

Belt and Road Initiative - Infrastructure projects

Former vice-ministerial level inspector under probe

[2017-04-17 12:59]

Zhang Huawei, former vice-ministerial level inspector, is currently under probe, according to the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Monday.

Xi urges strengthened Party education campaign

[2017-04-16 20:43]

President Xi Jinping has called for further implementation of a year-long education campaign within the Communist Party of China (CPC) to strengthen Party discipline.

Belt and Road Initiative to promote Middle East peace process

[2017-04-16 06:46]

The Belt and Road Initiative may become China's most significant contribution to the Middle East peace process, says China's special envoy on Middle East affairs.

New Area to host smart industries

[2017-04-15 07:29]

XIONGAN NEW AREA, Hebei - There are two types of factories at Life Lamps company: the hot, noisy and cumbersome; and the clean, quiet and automated.

China unveils youth development plan

[2017-04-15 07:27]

Central authorities released China's first 10-year youth development plan on Thursday, vowing it will offer better policies, education and healthcare services for the age group.

Improved Sino-Sao Tomean ties seen to follow trend

[2017-04-15 07:27]

The resumption of diplomatic ties between China and the African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe has complied with the trend of the times, President Xi Jinping said on Friday, calling for more cooperation in all areas to benefit the people of both sides.

Long road to Xiongan revealed

[2017-04-15 06:41]

High-quality master plan for new area taking shape, vice-premier says The planned Xiongan New Area, an economic zone about 100 kilometers south of Beijing, is of significant importance for the country's overall reform and development, said Vice-Premier Zhang Gaoli.

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