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Supreme Court creates microblog, WeChat account

[2013-11-21 18:45]

The Supreme People's Court (SPC) of China on Thursday created official accounts on Sina Weibo and WeChat, two of the country's leading social media tools, marking its efforts to promote judicial transparency.

China opposes US bill on Taiwan arms sales

[2013-11-21 18:41]

China on Thursday expressed opposition to a US Congress committee's passage of a bill on arms sales to Taiwan.

China, US pledge to boost cooperation, exchange

[2013-11-21 18:31]

Visiting Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said on Thursday that she hopes China and US will increase the depth and width of people-to-people exchange.

Top court opens micro blog

[2013-11-21 16:58]

The Supreme People’s Court has launched its official micro blog at Sina Weibo, the first State-level organ to open a micro blog account.

Court rules out confession through torture

[2013-11-21 13:59]

Using torture to extract confessions must be eliminated, China's Supreme People's Court said on Thursday.

Top court opens official Weibo and WeChat

[2013-11-21 11:23]

China's top court opened its official micro blog on Thursday, aimed at judicial transparency and providing more information to the public.

Guideline to help bring more fair judgments

[2013-11-21 11:01]

China's top court issued a guideline Thursday on how to better prevent unjust, fake and wrongful decisions.

China urges developed nations to fulfill funding commitments for climate

[2013-11-21 07:33]

Head of the Chinese delegation to the United Nations climate change conference on Wednesday urged developed countries to fulfill their funding pledges for fighting climate change.

China discloses more to improve market climate

[2013-11-21 02:21]

China is to expose intellectual property rights (IPR) violations to the public, and build a system of real property registration, according to a State Council statement on Wednesday.

Spokesmen system expands in army

[2013-11-21 01:59]

China unveiled spokesmen for its seven military branches on Wednesday night in an effort to beef up the country’s military transparency.

Accommodation for officials should help cut corruption

[2013-11-21 01:30]

Government plans to create a nationwide system of accommodation specifically for officials will increase transparency in officials' financial matters and save on public spending, according to analysts.

Xi seeks greater China-EU cooperation

[2013-11-21 00:41]

China and the European Union should foster new growth areas in cooperation, President Xi Jinping told EU leaders on Wednesday, as they met one day before a key China-EU summit.

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