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China issues report on US human rights

[2014-02-28 11:13]

China responds to the US irresponsible remarks of its human rights situation by publishing its own report on US human rights issues, including its tapping program and rampant gun violence.

China regulates social assistance

[2014-02-28 03:28]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has signed a decree to issue a regulation on social assistance that calls for open, fair and timely aid for the needy.

China urges Japanese introspection

[2014-02-28 03:26]

A Foreign Ministry leader on Thursday urged Japan's leaders to reflect honestly on Japanese aggression following China's designation of two national days to mark victory in the anti-Japanese war and to commemorate victims of the Nanjing Massacre.

Law 'will level the playing field'

[2014-02-28 03:15]

The Ministry of Commerce is drafting improvements to the nation's antitrust laws, part of the government's drive to build a level playing field for all companies.

Passing of memorial days hailed

[2014-02-28 01:05]

Experts hailed the decision by China's top legislature on Thursday to ratify two new national days regarding Japan's wartime atrocities in China.

Ex-Kuomintang chief tours historic street

[2014-02-28 01:05]

Kuomintang Honorary Chairman Lien Chan visited Beijing's Nanluoguxiang hutong on Thursday, two days after Communist Party of China chief Xi Jinping made a surprise visit to the area amid heavy smog.

Beijing dismisses report of planned S. China Sea ADIZ

[2014-02-28 01:05]

Whether China sets up air defense identification zones depends on the extent of threats it faces from the skies, a Defense Ministry spokesman said.

Xi looks to a nation of cyberpower

[2014-02-28 00:41]

President Xi Jinping pledged on Thursday to strengthen China's Internet security and build the nation into a strong cyberpower.

Xi envisions regional collaborative bloc

[2014-02-27 23:56]

Thirty-five years after China's reform mastermind Deng Xiaoping identified several coastal cities in southern China as economic front lines, President Xi Jinping produced his vision for another integrated sphere in the north on Wednesday.

China, ROK to target cross-border crimes

[2014-02-27 22:31]

Police chiefs from China and the Republic of Korea (ROK) vowed here on Thursday to jointly cope with cross-border crimes and non-traditional threats.

China's national lawmakers reduced by one

[2014-02-27 22:02]

The 12th NPC has a total of 2,983 deputies, one fewer than the figure announced at the last bi-monthly session in December.

Xi Jinping leads Internet security group

[2014-02-27 20:58]

The Chinese president, who is slated to head a central Internet security and informatization leading group, pledges to build the country into a "cyber power".

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