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Chinese premier meets Ugandan president

[2015-03-31 21:35]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang says China is willing to help Uganda speed up its industrialization and modernization process and promote the construction of airports.

Chinese premier meets Financial Times editor

[2015-03-31 20:48]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met editor-in-chief of Britain's Financial Times on Tuesday, vowing that China will maintain stable and sound economic development and bring opportunities to the world.

China willing to enhance intl anti-corruption co-op: FM

[2015-03-31 20:17]

China reiterated its willingness to deepen cooperation with the international community to fight corruption on Tuesday following the recently launched anti-corruption campaign "Sky Net".

Four local-level Chinese officials under probe

[2015-03-31 15:43]

Four Chinese officials are under investigation for suspected "crimes of bribery", the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced on Tuesday.

Double-faced official tells of his decadent life

[2015-03-31 15:42]

While acting as a strong advocate of discipline, rule of law and anti-corruption, Wang Min, a former senior official in Shandong Province, indulged in his personal life and colluded with businesses to gain profit for his family.

China asks UK for help in extraditing corrupt officials

[2015-03-31 13:40]

An anonymous official authority said the Chinese government had already asked the UK to offer help repatriating approximately 50 corrupt officials.

Former ambassador shares his views on Sino-Japan relations

[2015-03-31 08:13]

Japan's former ambassador to China, Uichiro Niwa, has urged Japan and China to make moves to improve relations. The crux of the matter of Japan-China ties is that the two neighbors should make gestures to improve their relations, he said in an exclusive interview with China Daily. Here are excerpts:

Fugitive database to ease information sharing

[2015-03-31 07:49]

Using a shared computer database, provinces and autonomous regions will share new clues about corrupt officials who have fled overseas with the top anti-graft watchdog within 24 hours.

Regulation targets judicial meddling

[2015-03-31 07:49]

Chinese officials who meddle in judicial cases will soon find their names on a blacklist that leads to internal punishments or legal consequences.

Backgrounder: China's major overseas evacuations in recent years

[2015-03-30 20:53]

China has launched a series of massive overseas evacuations for its nationals from countries including Libya, Kyrgyzstan and Solomon over the past few years.

China signals open, win-win interaction with new initiatives

[2015-03-30 20:05]

China took the lead in regional diplomacy this weekend, calling for "a community of common destiny" for a new Asia and unveiling the plan for its belt and road initiatives.

US looking forward to AIIB cooperation: Jacob Lew

[2015-03-30 20:03]

US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew says the cooperation can be carried out through the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialog (SED), the World Bank and the AIIB.

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