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Lawyers get an advocate

[2013-05-08 02:46]

Shen Deyong, vice-president of the Supreme People's Court, has called on judges to respect the role of lawyers at courts.

Pentagon accusation rejected

[2013-05-08 01:17]

Beijing rejected US accusations on China's military development and urged Washington on Tuesday "not to send the wrong signals" over the Diaoyu Islands.
Washington claims neutrality over islands
US told to be careful in Diaoyu dispute

US urged not to take sides over Diaoyu Islands

[2013-05-08 00:57]

The United States has been urged not to take sides in the China-Japan territory dispute concerning the Diaoyu Islands.

China to assess local govt on fire prevention

[2013-05-08 00:51]

China has decided to include provincial governments' work in this regard as a key gauge for judging provincial chiefs' performance.

China opposes US report on Chinese military

[2013-05-07 23:51]

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman on Tuesday expressed "firm opposition" to a Pentagon report that misrepresents China's military development.

China urges resumed Palestine-Israel talks

[2013-05-07 23:39]

China on Tuesday reiterated its call for necessary conditions for resuming peace talks between Palestine and Israel.

China urges UK to mend ties

[2013-05-07 23:39]

The Chinese Foreign Ministry urged the United Kingdom on Tuesday to respect its concern on Tibet-related issues and take concrete actions to bring bilateral relations back to the track of development.

Fast-promoted young official loses post

[2013-05-07 21:54]

Xu Tao, a 27-year-old deputy head of Xiangtan county in Hunan province, was dismissed on Tuesday and will be appointed to a lower position.

CPC official: Don't deter petitioners

[2013-05-07 20:56]

Discipline inspection and supervision authorities at all levels should not deter people who normally submit petitions at petition reception places or public venues.

Whistleblowers provide bulk of corruption clues

[2013-05-07 20:04]

Clues leading to corruption probes in China have mostly come from whistleblowers in 2012

US report on China's military baseless

[2013-05-07 17:27]

US released on Monday a report on China, making groundless assessment on the Asian country's military.

Pentagon's cyber accusations irresponsible

[2013-05-07 14:07]

A Pentagon report that China is conducting cyber attacks against the United States is irresponsible and harmful to the mutual trust between the two countries.

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