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China passes revised law for army facilities protection

[2014-06-27 13:21]

China's top legislature on Friday passed a revised law to improve the protection of military facilities, adding provisions to stress the security of waters under military control.

Sea exercise shows China wants closer US ties, ministry says

[2014-06-27 22:58]

A spokesman for the Ministry of National Defense highlighted China's willingness to improve Sino-US military ties on Thursday.

SCO members to stage anti-terror drill in China

[2014-06-26 21:17]

Code-named "Peace Mission 2014",the joint military drill will take place in Inner Mongolia and will not target any third party.

FPPC - China's basic diplomatic policies

[2014-06-26 16:43]

In 1954, China, India and Myanmar issued a joint statement confirming the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence as the basic norms of diplomatic relations.

China calls on support for Afghanistan

[2014-06-26 09:31]

China on Wednesday called on the international community to strengthen support for Afghanistan, saying that the country's own economic development is a basis for its durable peace and stability.

Landmark Taiwan trip bolsters Straits links

[2014-06-26 03:51]

The mainland's chief Taiwan affairs official began a four-day trip to the island on Wednesday by greeting people in the Minnan dialect, a major local language.

Chinese leaders vow to contain drugs

[2014-06-25 21:46]

President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang have vowed to harshly crack down on drug-related crimes and to contain the spread of drugs.

China's senior political adviser removed from post

[2014-06-25 20:11]

Su Rong, vice chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) National Committee, is being probed for suspected disciplinary violations.

Zhejiang province lists administrative responsibilities

[2014-06-25 19:00]

East China's Zhejiang province released the country's first provincial administrative power list on Wednesday to clarify governmental responsibilities and obligations.

Hangzhou offers rewards for tips on corruption

[2014-06-25 17:52]

The Hangzhou People's Procuratorate is offering rewards as high as 10,000 yuan ($1,605) to whistleblowers who provide information on corrupt officials, to encourage residents to join its anti-corruption campaign.

Beijing deals with 200 duty crimes in 17 months

[2014-06-24 21:08]

Beijing prosecutors have tackled more than 200 cases of duty crimes in 17 months through May, the capital's top procuratorate said on June 24.

Eliminating online terror is a war China must win

[2014-06-24 20:27]

If terrorism is threatening the world like a cancer, online videos and audio promoting terrorism are like cordial that speeds up the growth of the cancer.

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