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Official executed for raping 11 minors

[2013-06-19 13:46]

An official in Central China's Henan province was executed on Tuesday for raping 11 underage girls.

Sex tape official stands trial in Chongqing

[2013-06-19 13:09]

The trial of a former official embroiled in a sex tape scandal opened on Wednesday in a court in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

'Mass line' campaign to consolidate CPC's rule

[2013-06-19 10:48]

About two weeks prior to the 92nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the world's biggest ruling Party has reaffirmed its "mass line" - an important guideline defining Party-people relations.

'Thorough cleanup' of undesirable styles

[2013-06-19 01:52]

Xi Jinping, leader of the Communist Party of China, said the CPC's upcoming year-long campaign will be a "thorough cleanup" of undesirable work styles.

Li meets Cuba's first vice-president

[2013-06-19 01:25]

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday met with Cuban First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel and pledged to further boost cooperation between the two countries.

Civil affairs ministry orders safety campaign

[2013-06-19 00:33]

Social welfare and public institutes under the country's civil affairs system are to launch a large-scale campaign to check for fire, food safety and transportation risks.

State councilor meets with head of Lions Clubs

[2013-06-19 00:20]

Chinese State Councilor Wang Yong on Tuesday met with Wayen A Madden, president of the International Association of Lions Clubs.

China warns against escalation in Syria

[2013-06-18 21:49]

The priority for resolving the Syrian conflict is to hold the Geneva peace conference and avoid any action that may escalate tensions, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Tuesday.

CPC to combat bad work styles: Xi

[2013-06-18 19:06]

China's Communist Party chief Xi Jinping said Tuesday that the Party will conduct a "thorough cleanup" of undesirable work styles such as formalism, bureaucratism, laxity and extravagance. CPC's fight against bureaucracy making progress

New judicial explanation targets polluters

[2013-06-18 15:31]

China's supreme court and procuratorate jointly issued a new judicial explanation Tuesday that imposes harsher punishments on polluters.
118 suspects detained in pollution cases

CPC's fight against bureaucracy making progress

[2013-06-18 12:55]

Most netizens and local officials believe progress is being made in implementing rules introduced by the Communist Party of China (CPC) to fight bureaucracy and formalism.

Snowden denies being Chinese spy: media

[2013-06-18 12:55]

The US whistleblower Edward Snowden said accusations from American politicians that he is a Chinese spy are a "predictable smear".
Snowden spying claims rejected

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